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It's colder than a ticket taker's smile at the Ivar theater on a Saturday night

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OPPOSITION BLOG: Blueshirt Bulletin

So it isn't looking good for our latest sponsored player.   Keith missed practice with the team yesterday and is listed as day-to-day.  I've read some reports that say he's likely to miss tonight's game and others that say he's questionable.  As much as we'd all like to see him out there against the Rangers tonight, I think we'd also like him to make sure he's heads on right and maybe take a game or two off, especially with how busy the team is going to be after the upcoming break.

The Hawks showed they were capable of shutting down a team without Keith the other night though.  They limited the Sabres chances and held them well under their average shot numbers for the game.  Wiz, Walker, Barker and the rest of the blue liners will really need to step it up this game.

You'll remember the Rangers from way back in October when the Hawks dropped their first game of the season in a fairly sloppy manner.  The Hawks honestly didn't play that poorly in the opening game, but it was clear they were missing something.  They took control of the game for stretches but couldn't seem to find the net. 

Of course even when you do find the net against the Rangers they've usually got Lundqvist in there.  He's scheduled to start tonight against Khabby. 

The Rangers aren't a high scoring team (24th in Goals/game) and the Hawks are the best team in the league in goals against at home (only 2.05 per game) so lets expect a low scoring outing for the blueshirts.  The Rangers also got off to an amazingly hot start, 10-4-1 in the first 15 games, but have fallen back to earth lately, 4-4-2 in the last 10. 

Hawks will need to take the energy they had after the hit on Keith and use it contain the limited threats the Rangers can muster.  They only have 4 players with a + rating for a reason...the Hawks have 18.

Lets Go Hawks