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You Shouldn't Make It So Hard: Rangers 3, Hawks 2 (OT)/ A Taste That's Bittersweet That's Called The Blues: Hawks at Blues Preview

(I think I should get a bonus point for being the first to use a Chinese Democracy lyric)

If you've come here to find a different angle on why the Hawks didnt' get both points last night, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.  Sometimes, it's just plain obvious, and you already know it's the Hawks lack of competence on theirr 2-man advantages.  Why were they so awful?  From where I sat, it looked like a lack of urgency, and an affinity for the cute play.  Though the Hawks won half the draws last night, it seemed like they lost all the important ones on the PP.  When they did have the puck, they played as if they assumed they would score eventually.  They didn't work hard enough, they didn't get enough pucks to the net.  Sometimes, ugly is beautiful, and hopefully the Hawks have learned that from last night.  


We also learned last night that the Hav-bol-ladd won't carry the Hawks every night, and when it doesn't someone else will have to.  No one did.  Sharp-shooter wasn't anywhere to be seen.  Kane played as if in a daze, most of the game at least.  Versteeg was checked tightly all night, and he'd better get used to that. 

The Rangers first goal is one I'd like to address.  We appreciate Cam Barker standing up for Versteeg....I'm sorry, VERSTEEG!, but when you're already down a man, perhaps it's best to get Girardi's license plate and get him later.  It was a questionable instigator penalty, they both appeared to drop their gloves at the same time, but it's a risk I'm not sure you can take. 

Doubtful you can say the Hawks really missed Keith last night.  The defense, outside of the highest-paid one, played well.  There were a few loose pucks and plays I thought Dunc would have made, but the Hawks should survive the next few without him.  Seabrook was a force without his normal partner, hopefully that keeps up. 

It's disappointing.  The Rangers are not a strong side, despite what their record says, and they're boring as fuck.  That's a team we should have beaten, but sometimes it doesn't work that way.

Blues Preview

Speaking of teams you should beat, we come to St. Louis.  The Blues Injury list has gone from hilarious to downright stupid.  Kariya, McDonald, Brewer, and obviously golf-cart hero Erik Johnson are out, Tkachuk is questionable (in so many ways).  To boot, others have missed significant time.  This is all a round-about way of saying that the Blues aren't very good.  As you all know, however, their power play is, so a return to the disciplined Hawks squad we're accustomed to will be necessary.  I don't know why, but the Hawks have struggled with the Blues this season, and that has to stop tonight, and on Wednesday back on the Westside. 

I could write more on the game tonight, but I'm hungover and it's really simple.  The Hawks are better at hockey than the Blues.  They should win.  So do so.