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Poor man wanna be rich, rich man wanna be king

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OPPOSITION BLOG: Battle of California again!
DON’T FORGET:  YOUR SPG PICKS (Only 1 more person needed to catch the Leafs!)

I don't blame you if you've forgotten the last time the Hawks played the Kings.  It followed a great start to a road trip.. 3 straight wins on the road.  Then a tough loss in San Jose where the game was lost in OT and Khabby went out for a few games.  The next game against the Ducks was a tough 1-0 loss where things couldn't get going.

Then the Kings stomped on a slow, sloppy and uninspired Chicago team for a 5-2 victory.  It was one of the uglier games they Hawks have played this year.  The Hawks came back from an early Kings goal to take a 2-1 lead into the second.   They went into the third with the game tied.. then completely shat the bed in the final frame.

Since that game though, the Kings have gone 9-11-4, they're barely above .500 on the season and they're near the bottom on goals per game.  This should be the easiest of the Hawks 3 games in Cali, but then again, the games against St. Louis should have been easy too.

The Hawks looked rusty last night but they'll hopefully have found their legs for tonight.  The Kings have scored 11 goals in the past two games (so based on last night's logic the Kings will score -3.5 goals tonight to meet their average of 2.5 g/g).

Both of these teams played last night and both of them were close games so fatigue should be a factor for each bench (UPDATE: I'm a moron... this is the first game the Kings will have played since the break).  If the Hawks played the same game they did last night, they should win.  Getting the first 2 points of the trip was great, getting the first 4 is huge.

Lets Go Hawks