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Move along.. nothing to see here

I think it would be best for all of us if we pretend last night just never happened.  Think of it as that night in college where you didn't eat dinner some friday night and ended up falling down all night at some house party and end the night in the bathroom covered in vomit, pants around your ankles and the only help your friends gave you is to throw a blow-up doll in the bathroom with you...  not that that ever happened to me or anything.

In actuality, the game wasn't too horrible.  LA is simply a horrible place for the Hawks to play.  The first period is worth forgetting though.  Eager was sent off for a slash and then Wiz flings the puck out over the boards and evidently nailed some kid.  We all hope the kid is ok.. that is of course unless it was Randy Newman's kid because then it was just fuckin' karma. 

The only thing that could be worse than that song is if the Hawks played "Sweet Home Chicago" after goals but had that fat annoying hack Jim Belushi sing it live every time (seen there with Billy Baldwin - hey douchebags, your brothers have all the talent, you two are just leeches).

Hawks killed the first penalty but just as it ended the Hawks missed a chance to clear the puck and it ends up behind Huet.  Another turnover leads to another goal later in the first.  Huet did look bad at times, especially with the rebounds.  He was almost back at his begininng of the season form (more on that in a later post). 

The Hawks defense certainly didn't give him much help though.  There were turnovers, failed clearing attempts and the Kings were able to pass the puck around the Hawks zone almost all night at will.

The Hawks gave up the second shortie in as many nights as once again 4 Hawks were at the face-off circles and Quick was able to get a pass out  to O'Sullivan who skated down the ice with a man trailing, got a quick shot off and hit post and in.  Quick also had a hell of a game, stuffing Kane, Toews and Havlat on multiple chances.  It's hard to beat any goalie when he's playing that well but the Hawks never made it too difficult on him anyway.

For the last 30 minutes or so the Hawks were able to tighten up a bit and actually play something resembling their usual games but it was already too late.  It also never helps your cause when you're finally able to put one past the other team's goalie, but then give it right back 30 seconds later.  Give the Hawks credit for not giving up in the game but eventually they'll have to learn that you have to play a full 90 minutes of hockey almost every night (EDIT: you know.. for those games where you play an extra period and half just for kicks).  Even against teams that are in the bottom half of the standings.

Now they go to face the Sharks on Saturday.. fucking great.