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Lets get it started up again.. Flames Vs. Hawks

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Jesus.. does anyone else feel like the Hawks have played the Flames every other week so far this season? 

In reality though, they've only played each other twice this year... A dominating 6-1 win back in early November and an OT win to get their 6th in a row last month.  The tables have turned now though - tonight it'll be the Flames that are going for their 6th straight win.  It's seemed the Hawks have the Flames number this season so we can only hope the Hawks avoid their 3rd straight loss.

Some slight good news though - The Flames are coming in after a rough game in Nashville where they came from behind in the third to tie it and then won the game with less than 30 seconds left in regulation... so they should be tired while the Hawks should be rested and playing at home.. where they've been one of the hottest teams in the league.

Here's the bad news though - as Eternale1 pointed out - Kane will miss his first regular season game of his career tonight as his ankle is still hurting him after Cleary's hit in the first Detroit game.  Kane didn't do too much that I saw in the Classic except for one good move late in the game.. so it might be best to give the kid a little rest.  The Trib has him quoted as saying he could be missing three to four games even though he'll be travelling with the team to Phoenix.  Everyone remembers the Hawks struggles last year when Toews went out for a while with an injury.. it probably kept the team from the playoffs.. so we're scared.

This is a much different team than it was last year though - remember that.

Lets Go Hawks