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You gotta cast the first stone..

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Remember the last game against this team? 

Remember when that freaking thug Kyle Turris came flying at Khabby with like razorblades on the end of his stick, and brass knuckles and a gun? 

Remember when our poor innocent rookie hero VERSTEEG! stepped in and tried to reason with him but Turris wouldn't have any of it and forced him to fight?

Remember when some Yotes fans were really pissed about all that?

Yeah... me too.  Anyways, here's what Uno de los Grandes (he's probably had to learn spanish living in Arizona).. said about the scrap:

''I don't think an 18-year-old kid should get grabbed from a pile and take a beating -- not in a 7-1 hockey game,'' Gretzky said. ''I don't agree with that. I've never seen that. But we've got another game with them [Jan. 6 in Phoenix]. I hope our guys will respond to what happened.''

Well, lucky for VERSTEEG!, the one player the he should most worry about responding is out for the game.  Danny Carcillo is missing tonight's game because a high stick knocked out several teeth in the last game and he's due for oral surgery... I don't really think Carcillo would come after him - either way though, VERSTEEG! should keep his head on a swivel.

In the last game there were four fighting majors as the Hawks stomped on the Coyotes to win 7-1 plus 76 combined PIM.  They've also won 4-1 (Savvy's last game) and in the shootout this year.  So this should be a winable game..

Overall the Yotes are pretty mediocre this year.. They're 19-16-5... right in the middle of the conference (still in a playoff spot though).. 5-3-2 in their last 10 games.. 23rd in goals per game but 12th in goals against... You really can't get more bland.

Special teams is the major weak point though.. They're 23rd in the league killing off penalties and 28th in converting chances..

Khabby is lights out against his former team.. but I've heard Huet is starting tonight.. that's OK too though since he's never lost to this team in 5 matchups. A win tonight would be the first time the Hawks sweep the Yotes since they were still the Jets...

Expect a rough game - it should be a fun one.

Also - if you're around during the game.. feel free to leave comments and chat with each other as the game goes on.. I should be around for part of the game too.. join in

Lets Go Hawks