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Mama said there'd be days like this...

Ain't that some shit?

Nothing seemed to go the Hawks way tonight - the passes were off.. their goalie was huge.. the refs wanted to screw 'em.. 

Obviously the big story of this game is the odd faceoff towards the end of the game.  Hawks were in position.. Avs came in slow.. Sharp skates away to talk to Khabby.. Linesmen blows his whistle and drops the puck.  I don't even know if Sharp was back in the circle yet. Off the drop the Hawks take a penalty.. Avs score the winner on the power play.  womp womp

You can only complain so much - by the book the play was  as it should be.  Once the whistle is blown there's 5 seconds til the puck is dropped.  But doesn't it feel like one of those moments where you catch your favorite teacher on a bad day?  Usually you're able to walk into class a bit late and it's fine... One day though your english teacher on the rag and she gives you detention for something that you do all the time. 

Yeah - that's two game recaps that deal with PMS.. we're classy.

What should be talked (read: bitched) about were the no-calls the refs let slide against the Avs - before the controversial puck drop VERSTEEG! was absolutely mugged in the Avs zone.. no call. 

In 82 games sometimes you're just going to lose some ones you should have won - it sucks but it happens.  Clearly the Hawks are the better team between these two and this game won't matter.  If the Hawks end up missing the playoffs by two points then it's their own damn fault.  Don't think we won't still complain about this game though.. we hold grudges. 

As always - CORSI and Shift Charts...

After the jump is a full recap:


No big surprise.. The Hawks lose the opening draw.

A pass across the crease totally gets past all the Hawks, most importantly Khabby, but luckily it barely misses Wolski.. that or Wolski just chokes.  Either way.. lucky..

The Avs catch the Hawks on the change and get some pressure on Keith.. Keith passes to Havlat.. Havlat passes to Wolski.. Smyth ends up with it but I don’t think he ever really gets a stick on it.. it just bounces off him and into the net.  It’s reviewed but they get it right.  0-1.  Ugly goal

What the hell were the Avs playing over the PA during the review?  It actually fooled me for a second and I thought somehow they plugged the PA into the refs mic.  I kept believing it even when they got a busy signal – I wouldn’t put it past the NHL to only have one line into the war room.

Walker nearly knocks a pass into the net – thank god it went right into Khabby’s chest.

Towards the end of the period the Hawks pick up the checking – Buff decides Dupis isn’t getting off the ice fast enough so he helps him into the Avs bench.  Hopefully they carry this energy into the second. 

There was some weird topics discussed in this period.  First  Pat makes an odd facebook reference – then Eddie makes a painful “You, Me & Dupis” joke.. everything seems a bit off in this period..

Shots – 10-8 Hawks
Faceoffs – 6-8 Avs
Hits – 10-10 Bears


That “there’s nothing like seeing the Blackhawks in high definition” commercial really pisses me off – Thanks for reminding me that I’m poor and still have a $50 TV from Walmart that I bought in college assholes.


Did the Hawks lose the opening faceoff?  I missed it..

Eager goes off for a penalty but the Avs power play sucks.  Khabby comes up huge on a redirect with about 10 seconds left.. other than that.. not much to be worried about.

The Ladd/Bolland/Havlat line once again earns an MVP rating.. Ladd gets a quick shot off from the boards.  Havlat ties up the stick of an Av off the rebound which lets Bolland pick up the puck and get another shot off.  They don’t get a goal but it draws a penalty.
And with Kane – that PP looks a hell of a lot better.  No one else on this team has the eyes he does – pair that with his ability to handle the puck and you see why he’s dangerous.  He holds the puck forEVER… gets it across ice to Campbell.  Goal.  1-1.  Nice job by Toews going hard to the net to put some pressure on Raycroft too.

Some big end to end hockey going on.. chance after chance for both teams..

I can’t tell really if Raycrot is playing great.. or getting insanely lucky.  He’s coming up with some huge saves.. but he’s also out of position a lot.  Sometimes he’s playing out of his head.. sometimes he’s just able to cover his ass. 

Sharp slashes.. Avs hit post.. yikes..

Some more heroics by Ladd to get some great chances on the kill.. Bolland gets it back on net.. but the crease is full of Avs… Raycroft and some other chump… it gets chippy after the horn..

Shots – 25-20 Hawks
Faceoffs – 12-16 Avs
Hits – 17-18 Avs


That “unlimited income potential” also really pisses me off..  same reason as the other one… but I don’t want whatever job they’re offering.. looks boring.


I did see this faceoff.. Hawks didn’t win it.

It’s lucky Walker’s a big guy… because when he has the puck on his stick.. that’s where his eyes are.  He never looks up..

OK – I’ve made up my mind about Raycroft… He’s just getting lucky.  He throws himself awkwardly at a shot and there’s a huge rebound.. but no Hawks are around..

VERSTEEG! gets mugged and thrown to the gound.. no call

What the fuck?  No huddle faceoff?  For some reason Sharp doesn’t get to the circle in time and the puck is dropped without him.  That leads to the Hawks taking a penalty and of course this is the one the Avs score on… looks like Wiz knocked Khabby out of the way… 2-1

Two on one..  Wiz lays out and blocks the pass.. Havlat gets a chance off the break.. but a good save again. 
Khabby gets pulled with 90 seconds… but it’s the same ol’ song and dance for tonight.  The Hawks pepper Raycroft with shots.. Wiz and Campbell are beasts on the blue line – nothing gets past them.  Shot after shot.. no goals… game.

Was I the only one watching the game who started to yell "GET IN THE GOD DAMN CIRCLE… GET IN THE CIRCLE!!!" when they heard a horn sound during the timeout the Hawks called with 9 seconds left?  Probably not

After Three:
Shots – 44-32 Hawks (20 in the third
Faceoffs – 27-24 Av.. wait.. Hawks?  Really… cool
Hits -  25-22 Hawks

Whole buncha chumps..

TOI Leader – Campbell 20:21