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Monday's Bits

So we haven't had a chance to talk about this much, but that's all right because he hasn't taken the ice yet, but this pick up of Andrew Ebbett is rather intriguing.  First of all, judging by the Ducks' blogs, they aren't all that thrilled to lose him.  Secondly, this is a guy who saw some time on the Ducks' second line last year, though that has a little to do with a lack of depth at the position last season in SoCal.  It's also an admission that the Hawks 4th line just hasn't been nearly effective as it was last year, and means that Ben Eager is a long, long way from coming back (and with concussions, he should be extra careful.  I don't want him drooling on himself by the age of 40.  Though maybe he does anyway).  Kuc is reporting that Skille can put the I-pass away.   It also may mean the Hawks are ready to admit Dave Bolland is hurt and needs time.  Fabulous Weapon has just not been effective so far, and isn't moving well.  He's small, but pretty quick, and 32 points in 48 games last year is hard to ignore.  If he plays well, there'll be an even bigger logjam at forward when Hossa, Eager, and eventually Burish come back.  But when Tomas Kopecky does anything to justify his existence, I'll worry then. 

-Couldn't be more delighted that Brouwer finally got on the scoresheet Saturday night, because he's been just this side of awesome this season.  Brouwer gets a lot of shit from Hawks fans for his stone hands at the wrong times, but for anyone who actually bother to really watch the game, they'll have noticed Brouwer has been everywhere.  He's a step quicker this year, and has always been in the right place at the right time.  For me, when the Hawks decide to make a move, this makes Buff the easiest to part with, because Brouwer could fill that role just as well, and maybe even better. 

-It's time we admit we can't do anything better than The Fifth Feather.  Read their last two entries, and tell me if there's one incorrect syllable in any of them.   I'll have more thoughts on the Huet-situation later today, methinks.