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Just Go Away Already: Hawks At Preds Preview and Thread

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TIME: 7pm


OPPOSITION BLOG: The excellent On The Forcheck.

Don't forget your SPG picks (you can if you want, I don't care)

Well, I set a new standard when my last entry ended with pictures of retarded kids in the comments. Awfully high bar for me to keep reaching all year, but I'll do my damndest. Anyway, good afternoon, I am here -- after stupid celebrations of Killion's birthday last night -- to do the preview and open up your official game thread for tonight's encounter against the Preds. Cue Thor calling someone a moron.

I certainly don't mind the two points Nashville are intent on giving us constantly, but I really have no urge to watch them play hockey ever again. At least a couple years ago they were somewhat entertaining. Now that they've been racked by injuries and exits, coach Koopa Trotz is basically playing a trap and sucking the life out of all of us. He has no choice, this team can't score more than twice in a game.

Interesting choice to go with Huet tonight with a better Canadiens team waiting tomorrow. Anyone could get a win against the Preds, and if Niemi doesn't play tonight than he'll have at least a 2.5 week break between starts, which isn't a good idea. But with 19 back-to-backs this season, Huet was going to to have to do one of them on his own at some point, so I guess I won't get my shorts in a bunch.

Seabrook will play, and Toews won't. Hendry may be punted up to forward on the 4th line, ruining whatever momentum they got going by their first decent performance on Monday. Get Dowell back up here, and let him stay. But the season won't hinge on that, I hope.

You know the rest, have at it.