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Maple Leafs-2 Blackhawks-3: That's As Clever As The Headline Will Get

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Is it any surprise that we went out drinking after the game?  I hope not.

I drew the short straw and have to write a recap of the game.  Obviously I hope to make more sense later and give some sort of analysis (heh.. anal) in the morning but right now I have almost nothing.

This game was far closer than I was hoping we'd see.  It had the makings of a trap game written all over it and it damn near came true.  The Blackhawks absoulutely dominated the first 35 minutes or so but fell apart in the third and the Leafs could have easily won this one.  Huet was pretty solid despite both goals being stoppable.. maybe.  I was pretty damn surprised to see the Leafs get 31 shots in this game but they evidently shoot quite a bit.. even if few of those go in.  I still feel this win was another frustrating example of the Blackhawks playing down to the level of their oppenents.  There's no reason this game should have been so close - hopefully they were just saving something special when they play the Sharks on Sunday.

More tomorrow - Have a good night all.