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Yes, I realize this is the second wuss rock reference we've made in about four hours, but The Shins get a bad rap due to Zach Braff's general insufferability, and that's not really any fault of their own.

ANYWAY, here at the SCH offices, because last year had the March to The Sea, as well as the nadir of the Bataan Death March, we had been debating what we should name the recent eight game winning streak. We came up with a few options, all of them likely infantile and borderline moronic, but I thought we should let you, the SCH reader, decide what we should call it. Keep in mind, that suggestions are welcome in the comments, you're not limited to the options provided below.The SCH/Committed Indian Urban Dictionary is a living, malleable being, and fuck knows most of you are probably going to come up with a lot better than what we did. So here they are: