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And The Winds Begin To Howl...

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So, saw this both on Hockey Buzzz (many grains of salt needed) and Kuc picked up today too.

It's obviously something we'll be hearing and dealing with all year.  We all know the Hawks have to shed salary at some point and doing it as early as possible is a good idea when you're not so desperate.  However, either Whitney or Brind'amour make no sense.  We have too many forwards as it is, and Stan must know that.  Plus, John Madden would be the better, not-completely-finished-as-a-player version of Brind'Amour.

Kaberle is interesting.  He is what we would like Barker to be, but he makes $1 million more than Cameron and has one year left on his deal after this one, so he doesn't really clear up any salary.  Unless he would be moved again this summer, which is possible.  Joe Corvo is a wife-beating schmuck who's clueless in his own zone and does not belong here in anyway. 

I'm tremble at the idea of moving Campbell.  The Hawks don't have anyone else who can do what he can, and since being paired with Hammer his play has really been beyond reproach.  Don't confuse Keith's speed with a similar skill-set as Campbell, and Duncs doesn't have near the hands or vision that 51 Phantom does.  Barker can go depending on what returns I suppose, along with the development of Shawn Lalonde.  But Lalonde is probably not going to be ready next year, so there'd be a gap.

As for who would go, I've made no secret that Buff would be my first choice, as I won't let one superb playoff series performance cloud my vision.  I was ready to ship VERSTEEG! off before this year, but if this level of play continues, he is the Hawks second best playmaker and they don't have another one.  This town would flood with tears if Sharp were to go, but we've been discussing his usefulness for days, and I really wonder if a lot of guys wouldn't flourish on Kane's wing.

Bowman needs to see what this team looks like when Hossa comes back (other than totally awesome).  We also need to see what Toews and Bolland's long-term health outlook will be.  We need to see if Sharp's floating act continues for a while or is just and early-season blip.  It's too early to make a move, and I hope Stan knows that.

Oh, also, Captain Marvel was back on the ice today.  Good news.  Might play tomorrow then.