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Let's Get This Overwith: Hawks at Thrashers Preview

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The roadtrip from hell enters its final leg tonight, with visits to two of the bottom-feeders in the league.  We're not going to couch this in anyway; Atlanta is TERRIBLE.  An awful, awful team, who the Hawks should sweep away in plenty of time for the rest of us to enjoy the second half of US-Mexico.  Sorry to any Atlanta fans who might see this, but we're just calling it like we see it.  The Thrashers have two, TWO, players who are a + on the season.  They don't have anyone over 1 on the Behind The Net Ratings.  They give up 3.5 goals per game. 

There's one guy the Hawks have to watch, and should do so closely just in case they might want to see what he'll look like in black and red.  Ilya Kovalchuk is having another fine season, even better considering the drech he plays with and doesn't seem to have any center at all -- an no, Todd White doesn't count.  Keep Kovalchuk off the score sheet, you almost certainly win.

There will be some flashbacks for some of the Hawks tonight.  They will be in a half empty arena playing an awful team, something we all sat through for far too long.  Anything resembling a decent Hawks effort will see the Thrashers off pretty easily.  However, the Hawks haven't always taken their opponents seriously, just look at their record vs. LA or St. Louis, or the effort against Vancouver last time out.  Hopefully, they'll have learned their lesson.

And now, stay tuned for the highlight of these previews, MJ Thor's gametime beer.