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St. Louis - Home to the most nervous sheep this side of New Zealand

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This road trip is finally ending.  After tonight the Hawks will have spent 8 games on the road on a trip that lasted 17 days and not counting any trips back to Chicago (or Vegas) will have taken them over 6,500 miles (at least according to some data The Forechecker made available - I could be reading it wrong).

The record on the trip stands at 5-2-0.  The Hawks have played poorly the last two games but still managed a two points out of the trip.  While the Hawks were getting hammered by the Canucks Sam and I were getting hammered on german beers, one thing that was brought up was "I'm OK with the Hawks getting slaughtered in this game as long as they finally beat the Blues like they should". 

Hopefully we see that happen tonight because the games so far have been pretty brutal for those wearing the Indian head.  Against St. Louis the Hawks are 1-1-2 and you could say the Hawks are soley responsible for allowing those poor bastards living across the Mississippi any hope of their team making the playoffs.  Of the 51 points the Blues have this season - 7 of them have come from the Hawks.  Even with those 7 points the Blues are in the basement of the West and all but out of the playoffs.  They're also losing their chances to get the #1 draft pick though as the Islanders have a phenomenal 38 points.

The Blues have are coming off back to back heartbreaking losses too.  They took leads into the third period against Vancouver and Nashville but ended up with no vicotries in either game.  Just last night the Blues let in a game tying goal with 3 seconds left and dropped the extra point in the skills competition.  Hmmm.. that sounds oddly familiar.

The guys at Game Time like hearing that people think the Blues are easy to beat - which is good because they're going to hear a lot more if it for the rest of the year.  But I'm not going to say it now.  The Blues have had the Hawks number this year - call it unlucky bounces, off-nights or taking a shitty team lightly but the Hawks have only beat these guys once this year.  That needs to end tonight.

The Blues are still a dangerous team with the man advantage (8th overall) but they're pretty weak everywhere else.  The goalie situation is a mess with Legace being sent down to the AHL and Mason being given the starting role.  Since taking over though the Blues have won two games but have fallen apart in 2 of the 3 losses. 

Expect a rough match as the 4 games so far have featured 7 sets of fighting majors and a fair share of penalties.  The teams seem to hate each other almost as much as we do.



We couldn't agree more Axl.

A final word - I'm not going to be around for the game but I'll be catching as much of it as I can in an airport bar before heading off to New Orleans (Hurricanes, Gumbo and Po'boys here I come!) but I want to remind everyone that this is a blog, St. Louis Game Time is a blog, and there's nothing worse than people taking these things too seriously and trading unfunny insults back and forth all night.

I'm all for shit-talking but if you head over to Game Time - try to be funny and don't take things too seriously.  If any of those mouth-breathers head over here by all means give them hell but try not to overreact.  Bust each others balls but just ignore people if it gets out of hand.  Remember both of our groups hate Detroit more than each other so we at least have a few things in common.   

Lets Go Hawks