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Guilty as charged but damn it, it ain't right

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Hey Kids.  I'm back.  Despite waking up this morning in New Orleans (I love that fucking city) I came straight to work from the airport (nice commute huh?).  As a result I'm exhausted and barely coherent - so forgive me for any odd tangents this may go on.

So what'd I miss?  I caught most of the Blues game in an airport bar - and got drunk off my ass thanks to a delayed flight and a bartender forgetting to charge me for drinks.  I should have avoided the game alltogether though as it was such a pathetic display.  I missed Sharp getting hurt too huh? 

I'm not too concerned about missing Sharp.  He's a valuable player out there but not a linchpin (lynchpin?) like Keith.  It's telling that the Hawks have really only looked different this year in the games that Keith has missed.  The Hawks should be able to fill in for Sharp fine.  If Sharp misses 4 weeks - which is longer than Q has hinted at so far - he'd still have 3 full weeks of games to get himself back up to speed before the playoffs. 

As for tonight's game.. well.. Tampa Bay just aren't very good.  The mulleted one was fired long before we got to see anything really fun, the new owners are douchey, St. Louis and/or Lecavailer could be gone in weeks and Stamkos hasn't really lived up to the hype. 

I put this up here before - but check out the stat lines for Stamkos and our rookie sensation:

2008 - Kris Versteeg 51 16 26 42 17 47 4 4 2 0 85 18.8

2008 - Steven Stamkos 53 7 15 22 -7 31 3 0 1 0 108 6.5

Granted Stamkos potentially has more upside than Versteeg but this season it's not even close. Maybe Melrose was right in saying he's not ready for the NHL?  Or maybe that's just what you get when you're surrounded by a shitty team.

Of the 7 players the Bolts have that are a + for the season, 5 of them are only +1.  So that total number of players could drop easily tonight.  St. Louis is the highest at +8 and no one is going to be shocked to see him playing for some other team in a few weeks. 

The Bolts score the 5th least goals per game while letting in the 7th most.  On paper they're no match for the Hawks, with or without Sharp.  This should be another team the Hawks can easily put up six or more goals on - but who knows which Hawks team will show up?  The one that's beaten the Sharks on the road and crushed Dallas recently?  Or the one that gets beat by the Blues and plays an even game with the Thrashers?

By the time the game is over I'll be lucky to still be awake and if it goes to OT I could very well log on just to post inane conspiracy theories about goal songs, the KGB and how that all relates to the Catcher in the Rye and what really happened with Mark David Chapman.  Join me won't you?

That's all for now - mjthor.. it's all you now.

Lets Go Hawks