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I was going to quote "Lightning Crashes" in this title - then I remembered that song and band really sucked

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This game came so close to being a disaster.  Despite completely outplaying the Bolts in the first period and for good stretches of the second - the Hawks were down 3-1.   Making matters even worse - It was Stamkos who scored all three goals for the Bolts after I rag on him in the preview.  Sam and I might be cursed - that's not the first time we call out a specific player on the opposing team and they go nuts.

Stamkos had only 7 goals going into this game but is coming out in double digits.  He upped his total almost 50% in this game alone.  And I was fucking pissed.

Luckily the Hawks brought the game within one after Downie goes after Buff (and loses).  Downie gets the instigator and Toews nets a goal off a Bolt skate.  Someone in the game thread said Buff had gone after Stamkos leading up to the fight but I didn't see it - Anyone else catch it?  Either way it was a stupid penalty for Downie to take as it ended up swinging all momentum back to the Hawks.  Downie's never been a smart player though - just ask Akim Aliu.

The third period then looked a lot like the first and the Hawks took more than twice as many shots as the Bolts and dominated every aspect of the game. It started off right away with Krajicek taking an interference call and then just over a minute more for Kane to finally snap his goal-less streak.  Kane hadn't scored since the victory over the Ducks to start off the roadtrip that still hasn't really ended.  Judging by his celebration - I'd say he was pretty fucking pumped.

More than 10 minutes later Havlat goes totally insane and plays one of the most unreal shifts I've ever seen.  No one was even close to touching him on the play and the Hawks couldn't get the puck back to him soon enough when he passed it away.  Thank god Bolland was able to connect a great pass across the crease - something needed to happen for the bearded one.. and two things did happen.  He got an assist on the game winner and he got a new nickname.  I don't know if we should go with Meadowlark or Martylark - but we'll figure it out.  "Martylark passes it to Bolland he tallywhacks it to the roof of the net!  Hawks take the lead!"

Toews ends up getting an insurance goal off a rocket of a wristshot and the game was out of reach.  All in all - it was a great game for Daydream Nation - 3 goals and 3 assists.  They needed a game where they both step up and carry the team.  The Nation has back-to-back multi-point games now.  Before the Dallas game - they hadn't both had multi-point games since the losing effort in Detroit way back in early December.  Hell, Kane hadn't had a multi-point game since the day after Christmas til Dallas.

Despite another dumb penalty from Buff in the closing moments of the game the Bolts never came close to getting back in it.  Thank the lord the boys of four feathers came back to win this one and saved me some face.  Good character win from the Hawks and a great gamethread discussion.  Thanks to all who joined in.

Now i'm going to watch Flight of the Conchords and then go pass out.