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I Hate Afternoon Hockey: Hawks at Stars Preview

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GAMETIME:  1pm Central

Opposition Blog:  Defending Big D


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As stated above, I hate afternoon hockey.  It throws me off my axis.  A crowd full of kids ruins the atmosphere.  If you drink during hockey, as is the custom, and it's in the afternoon you're in the bag by 5pm, and who does that help?  But alas, that's what the schedule says, so ours is not to reason why, our is to do and....

A mere 7 days after whipping the Stars' ass with a belt, the Hawks get another chance to do so.  Our Men of Four Feathers are coming off two straight wins, as are the Stars -- though one of Dallas's is by the skills competition.  However, this time the Hawks will not have to face a team loaded with Brad Richards, who broke his wrist on Monday in Columbus.  The Hawks haven't struggled much against a Stars team with Richards, so all the better.

Still, this is one team playing some of the better hockey in the league.  Dallas is not a place the Hawks have done particularly well in the recent past.  But they did win there earlier this season, and have bitch-slapped the Stars twice here in Chicago.  The Stars struggle with teams clearly faster than them, such as us and Detroit.  The Hawks won every battle, got to every loose puck first, and were more intent on imposing themselves by a large margin on Saturday night in the UC.  Clearly the Stars will come out with a better effort this afternoon, but if the Hawks match that the Stars shouldn't be able to keep up.

However, it's stil Marty Turco back there, who has stopped 62 of 66 of the shots he's seen in the two games since the St. Valentines Day Massacre (well, that's not true.  We all know the real St. Valentine's Day Massacre was Dave Manson dropping Scott Stevens at center ice at the Old Stadium in 1991.  A moment when we all KNEW the Hawks were going to win the Cup.  Thank you very much, John Fucking Casey)  Until last year, Turco's record against the Hawks was other-worldly, and I'm always worried that he might revert to that. 

Whatever, time to sleep it off.  Hawk Down.