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Wait.. The Hawks are at home again?  Does that mean this month-long roadtrip from hell is almost over?  The answers, my friends, is yes.  After playing 11 road games in the past 4 weeks, the Hawks only play outside of the UC 8 more times this year.  That's it.. just 8.  In fact, they only really have 2 more road trips the rest of the year and those are only 2 games each.

But lets just get through tonight - The Wild generally put on a tough game for the Hawks.  The Hawks are 3-8-3 against this team since '06.  This year hasn't been much different.  They're 1-2-0 so far this year with the last game being a loss at home ice where the only thing worth mentioning was Havlat's goal winning some lucky bastard $1 Million. 

The game before that we were told the Hawks "aren't that good" by Koivu- and they proved him right and Koivu ended the game with 3 points.  It sucked.  Tonight the Hawks should come out right after this team and get a quick point.. The other best way to beat this team would be to shut down Koivu.  The centerman has 16 more points than anyone else on his team.  Keeping him off the scoreboard practically guarantees a victory.  As usual this team scores few (145 total - 26th overall) - lets in fewer (133 total - 2nd best). 

From what I've read - it sounds like Huet is going to get back to back starts and play again tonight which seems damn foolish to me.  You'd think for a coach who rotates his normal goalies so often he wouldn't hesitate to put in the AHL call-up for a game or two.  I think we all want to see what Niemi can do and a low-scoring team like the Wild would be a great team to break in a goalie.  I guess we'll have to wait for game time though.

I was pissed after the last game against the Wild - and I'll be pissed tonight if it's another loss.  The team is playing great this year, sure, but we forget wins here quickly unless the Hawks kiss a cup after them. 

That's it for the preview tonight - it's rough to actually find a time where we're in a coherent state to think of something to say on the weekends... see you in the comments

Lets Go Hawks