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Aloha from Hell. I'll be dancin' thru the flames. Like a devil in disguise

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After tonight, the Hawks will have played the Flames 4 times this season.  They've played the Blue Jackets twice and the Predators 3 times.  An outsider might think the Hawks are actually in the Northwest instead of the Central. 

Probably fewer people are happier that the Hawks remain in the Midwest than Calgary though.  They're leading that division and in good shape to take the third seed in the playoffs but the Hawks currently are tied with the Flames in points with a game in hand and a 3-0 record against these Flames so far this season.

It hasn't been pretty for the Flames this year against the boys from Chicago.  The Hawks beat them at the UC early this season 6-1 (and I think it was the first use of Jasper over on our old site).  Then Toews pantsed Phaneuf for at OT victory during the epic 9 game win streak and most recently the Hawks won back at the UC in their first game without Kane.

A quick look at their record this year shows the Flames are a pretty streaky team and perhaps luckily for the Hawks we've caught them on the way down again.  They've lost back to back games against the Avs and the Stars that earned them a special visit from GM Darryl Sutter. 

So the Flames could be fired up for tonight's game eager not only to avoid a season sweep but keep Sutter far away from their locker room.  Calgary is a high scoring team, especially at home, but they also let a lot in their own net so I'd tell you to bet the over but it's a fairly well established fact that I suck at sports betting.  Other than that, Iggy is having a down year but is still a monster,  Phaneuf just looks like a monster, and Burish is begging for his fist to connect with Nystrom's jaw again.

The Hawks have had good games against Calgary for a while now and expect I'd expect Khabby in the net (21-5-2 against Calgary).  Lets hope for another in-season sweep.

Oh and this post's title is from a song by The Cramps, it couldn't fit better and Lux Interior died.. I'd say you should pour one out for him but he'd probably be happier if you used it to get fucked up.. so do that instead.

Lets Go Hawks