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In which the Hawks play a team with a nickname that resembles a sound the Three Stooges make

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OPPOSITION BLOG: Nucks Misconduct

I used to try to put up a link to any new NHL Blog that Mirtle would get added to the SB Nation family but lately I've been lazy and Mirlte's doing speed or something.. there are tons of them now check out the links on the left and you'll see that almost every team is represented and if you know of a good blog already for a team that's not then let me know and I'll let our fearless leader know about it.  He's shooting for all teams represented but teams like Columbus pose a real challenge.

Anyways, the newest member to our team is appropriate for tonight - please welcome Nucks Misconduct.  You may have seen one of their fans in our comments already so any team that's got trash-talking fans already annoying other sites is obviously something I fully support. 

On to the actual Canucks team though - This team is best described by the quote paraphrasing Robert Burns "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry".  (That's right bitches.. i'm quoting Burns).  Right now - Mats Sundin is looking like a mouse. 

After wasting all our time by playing the waiting game popularized by well-known douches like Neidermeyer, Selanne and the king of it all Brett Favre, Sundin finally decided to sign with the Canucks and played his first game with the team exactly a month ago.  They won the first game he played despite his lack of production and Canucks fans peed their pants a little lot.

What happened next was pure karma.. an 8 game losing streak.  During that streak Mats had only 3 points and was -6.  He's out of shape and old as fuck.. good choice picking him up. 

The Nucks were able to finally snap that losing streak in their last game when Sundin showed up with a goal and an assist against the Canes.  The Nucks haven't had consecutive wins though since Dec. 14th and 17th when they beat the Panthers and Oilers.  I don't see them getting their next set toinght.

My ride out for the day just showed up early so I have to cut this preview short but lets just say things are looking good for the Hawks to continue their winning streak.  Never sleep on a team with Luongo in goal though.  If I get back before the game I'll add more.

Lets Go Hawks