Discussion on Guidelines

So lets try this again - I screwed up on something and had to take down the other post that mjthor started about the discussion discussions but I think it's a valid topic that should be talked about so lets give it another go.

I just changed the guidelines for anyone who is signing up now in a very minor way.  So for now - here are the rules of Second City Hockey:

  • Be respectful to other users (even those from Detroit and St. Louis).
  • Leave the racism, homophobia and sexism for the message boards.
  • Wait for the whistle.
  • Cheer during the anthem.
  • Lets. Go. Hawks.

As I said before, those are intentionally left pretty open.  I want discussions and disagreements on the site and in the comments.  If you disagree with someone's opinion, say so but make sure you can say why.  What I don't want is just endless back and forth name-calling.  Or any name-calling at all for the most part.  I hated trying to talk to fans on Hawks message boards so I started a blog hoping to create something new.

Luckily we're still a pretty small community that we can pretty much police oursevles and I don't have to go in and delete comments or ban users. 

So as I said before - keep things light-hearted and try to have thick skin if someone's breaking your balls about something.  Give as good as you get and don't be shocked when someone disagrees but don't be a dick.

One thing I am curious about is people who read this site and don't comment at all.  I can tell by the traffic we get that there are plenty of people coming back to the site that don't comment and I'd like this to be a chance for all of you to jump in and join us.  The more people we get the better so tell me what you want to see and what you don't want.  If you'd like to email me about it that's cool too -

Sorry for having to get rid of the last post - but have at it again...

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