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It's only an Island if you look at it from the water: Islanders @ Hawks Preview

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These sunday afternoon will probably be the death us here. 

The Islanders this year have reached unbeliveable levels of bad.  At 23-38-8, the Islanders have only 54 points which is 6 less than any other team in the NHL.  The Islanders have the 3rd worst goals per game average and 4th worst goals against average. 

One surprising aspect of this team - they have the 10th best PK squad... yeah.. 10th best.  Who knew?

I won't bother telling you more about the Islanders - they're bad and they're in full tank for Tavares mode.

The Hawks are in an interesting spot now.  They're 4-5-1 in the last 10 and playing pretty uninspired hockey in general.  They're pretty much a lock to make the playoffs but are looking at a quick first round exit if they don't pick up the play.

First of all - Welcome back Khabby


We're all glad to see Khabby come back today but he hasn't played a game in over a month so it'll be interesting to see if he's rusty.  Word is that Q was thinking of sending him to Rockford to get a warm-up game but realized starting him against the Islanders was just as good.

Marty, Kane and Bolland all missed practice yesterday which means the Hawks streak of injuries disturbingly continues.  Kane missed practice after colliding with Toews in Friday's game (Toews - "Be late to another player's only meeting again and see what happens, bitch").  Kaner chipped a few teeth and was probably just given the day off.  The Hawks are looking into creating some sort of device to guard Kane's mouth but so far are stumped.  Whatever they create I'm sure Kane will enjoy chewing on it.

Bolland and Havlat are also "expected" to be back today but I haven't seen anything official.  Marty looked like he was in a lot of pain getting off the ice in the final seconds of the last game.  If he needs some rest, this is a game I wouldn't mind seeing him skip.  I'm not sure what's wrong with Bolland.  Bolland played a normal shifts up until the end of the game but still missed practice. 

With the Canucks and now the Blue Jackets right on their heels, this is a game the Hawks can't afford to lose if they still want the 4th seed.  Though with being 6-4-0 in the last 10 road games and 4-5-1 in the last 10 at home there are worse things that could happen.