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Like The Cops Or The Crying Girl, Let's Ruin The Party: Hawks at Devils Preview

Blackhawks-logo_medium vs. Puddy3_medium
TIME:  6pm
TV:  Comcast  RADIO:  720am

Obviously, there's only one story about tonight's game.  After being stymied by Wade Dublidbahblkaeralhb and Mayor Manino of Boston, the Hawks only have to face a guy trying to set the all time wins record.  Go get 'em, kids. 

Even if this wasn't possibly a record setting night, the task would be tall.  If Brodeur wasn't playing at all, this would still be a tough assignment.  I'll go out on a small ledge and tell you this is the team that's coming out of the East come late May.  There's much more to behold on the Devils than just their goalie.  Let's start with Captain American, Zach Parise.  He's the most fun player to watch that you probably haven't seen.  Incredible hands, and always seems to be in the right spot to score.  He's already potted 40, and I assume that Bolland will draw the assignment to try and keep him and Elias in check (maybe Havlat will try and get Elias to do that stupid bird-call thing to keep him from scoring.  For those who don't know what I'm talking about, here).  Oh, there's also Elias, Langenbrunner, and Zajac who are all capable of denting twine.

The Devils blueline doesn't contain stars or names like it used to, in Steven or Niedermayer, but this is a pretty solid group.  More than solid, in fact.  Either that, or Scott Clemmenson is really, really good.  But they shielded him while Brodeur was out, more likely.  The Devils only boast 4 defensmen with a +20 or higher, led by Johnny Oduya's (Oh, do ya?) +24.  Seriously, say, "Oh, do ya?" everytime you hear his name.  It's entertained my brother and I for close to four years now.  There's also Paul Martin and Colin White, who are not to be fucked with.

That being said, it's not like the Hawks should decline to show up.  Remember that slump before the break?  They responded to that with wins in Anaheim and San Jose.  Nothing could jump start the Hawks out of this current hole than pulling a result out of their ass at The Rock.  You know what you're going to see tonight.  The Devils will make going through the neutral zone a bigger bitch than getting your girlfriend to a monster-truck rally, and their defensemen will pound our forwards along the boards.  Much like Columbus did.  Still, stranger things have happened....