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Meanwhile... Andy Murray waits in St. Louis

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the Scottrade Center

Andy-murray_medium Goddammit.. where is that asshat?

*A door flys open.. and in walks....

83951731_medium Ahhh sorry coach.. Walker got lost again

Andy-murray_mediumWalker... you fool... how many times have I told you not to wear that uniform around here?

83951731_medium Oh.. sorry coach..I change

*Walker goes to change... 75 minutes later...

2729172_medium Dis better?

Andy-murray_medium*sigh* Yes Walker, that's much better.. now what did you call me for?  Don't you know we're still trying to make the playoffs here?

2729172_medium  Coach.. we got problem..

Andy-murray_mediumWhat?  Did you forget where you put your keys to your monster truck again?

2729172_medium No no.. I got keys to Big Country Mobile right here... no.. I think Mr. Q found out the plans...

Andy-murray_medium Inconceivable!  What did you do?

2729172_medium Walker do just what you said.. have you no been watching?  I gain the trust of Mr. Q, Rockman and fans.  Now when season get real long I play like you say.  I get -9 rating in last 10 games.. I no actually play defense no more.. I just stand around..  I've do almost everything except starting to punch Seabrock like I do Jovo.

Andy-murray_mediumWell then what is it?

2729172_mediumThey keep Walker out of practice today.  I think they make Walker into new Sopeel.

Andy-murray_mediumBLAST!  This can't happen now.. It's too late to get another mole into the Blackhawks organization.  Quenneville has already gone rogue on us

2729172_mediumUmm... Coach?

Andy-murray_mediumAnd I hear that damn good-lookin Patrick Sharp is set to return against the Kings


Andy-murray_mediumDammit Walker!  What?  Don't you know I'm trying to plot here?

2729172_mediumIf Walker new Sopeel... then this mean Walker get to hang out with Nickleback too?

Andy-murray_medium God you are a moron...