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Ouch. Canucks 4, Hawks 0

That's all there is to say. 

You can make the argument the game was decided in the 1st when the Hawks didn't generate much on a 5-on-3, but that seems a bit shortsighted.  Where this game was won was in the Canucks zone.  I have to say that's the most impressive I've seen a team be in defensively.  They provided no passing lanes, were never out of position, everyone had an active stick, kept everything to the outside, and cleared the puck pretty much every chance they had.  For the first 46 minutes or so, I don't know that the Hawks were that bad -- though certainly not good -- but the Canucks were A+.  It's frightening to think about Round 1, because if the Canucks put up four games like that, we'll lose.  Plain and simple.  But more importantly, if they keep that up through the end of the season, it won't be our problem, as we'll be getting the passed-by Flames.

4-0 might be a little flattering to them, but not by much.  They clearly weren't concerned with creating too much offense, and just putting away whatever chances they got, which they did.  Of course, I call out the Sedins on the front page of the Indian, and they light us up.  I'm fucking automatic. 

Interesting to see the Toews line after Brouwer went down.  You'll notice there was no one else to help Toews along the boards and win those battles.  Brouwer gets a lot of shit, and rightly so, for not burying more chances.  But he does so much more well, and his absence was felt. 

Another problem was the Hawks didn't get anyone in front of Luongo, though that's due to the Canucks defense simply not letting them.  When they did have looks, they were clearly trying to be too fine.  Lot of missed nets.  Get in on frame boys, and let's go from there. 

A word about the brawl.  I couldn't catch everything that went on being in the arena.  Though I did see Burrows pulling Keith's hair as if they were feuding over lipstick or something.  Judging by the angry email I got from Chris Block from The Third Man In, I'm guess Burish take a fair share of blame and scrutiny.  I'll let you all sort that out.  Still, how does an all out melee end up penalizing only one team?

Corsi and shift charts.  You'll notice Toews is the only one coming out smelling anything good on those. 

That's all I have to say about it.  Good thing the mess that is the Habs is next.