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Bill Wirtz Interview

We reran this in last night's issue of The Committed Indian, it's one of our faves.  We got a real good response, so we thought we'd put it up here for your enjoyment.

Bill_wirtz_interview_medium (click to enlarge)

Also, here's last night's Top 10 List:

Top 10 Chicago Celebrities Who Annoy Us
10.  Dan Akroyd- You made a 2nd Blues Brothers movie.  You sir, are going to hell.
9.  Billy Corgan- The only two good albums you made were 15 years ago.  You’ve been whining ever since. 
8.  Ron Santo- Oh, you love the Cubs so much?  So do millions, and at least some of them can complete a coherent sentence
7.  Jeremy Piven- Yeah, he’s not really acting on Entourage.  He’s just that big of a douche
6.  John Cusack- Thanks, now every guy has had a girl make him watch Say Anything, asshole
5.  Mike Ditka- Seriously, you weren’t a very good coach.  Really, you weren’t.
4.  Oprah-...actually, scratch this, she might have us killed.
3.  Mike North- In North’s world, no one in Chicago has an IQ over 78
2.  Rod Blagojevich- Go to jail already!
1.  Jim Belushi- Simply the Anti-Christ