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Can we please re-sign him already? Hawks 3 Ducks 2 in OT

I was certainly worried about this one.  Not only did Sam make the huge HUGE mistake of calling out players in the preview - but we were also called out by the Ducks blogger Earl Sleek from Battle of California for being a bit too cocky.  To top it all off - I helped sell The Committed Indian and was using one of Sam's tickets tonight.  The last time Sam and I watched a game it ended up with the Canucks destroying the Hawks after I called out Sundin.  There was disaster written all over this game.

Luckily, the wind was blowing towards the side of the ice the Hawks shoot at twice.  The game started off well enough - before I was even in my seat I saw the Hawks get on the scoreboard.  Toews won a faceoff that went to the point where Big Country/Texas Ranger Walker took a big slap shot from the point.  In what quickly became a theme for the night Giguere gave up a rebound.  Toews picked it up but had the puck knocked away from him.  Luckily, Brouwer popped one into the net for the quick lead.

Ten minutes later we saw one of the prettier goals of the season.  Keith was able to break up a pass just before the Hawks zone.  The pass was picked up by Havlat and carried into the Hawks zone along with Bolland and Ladd.  Havlat crossed the net to bring the puck to Bolland who quickly passed it back to Martylark.  The wizard seemed to bring the puck down behind the goal before shooting another amazing pass to Ladd who was standing behind Giguere and easily knocked the puck into the net for a two goal lead.

Huet was able to make some big saves in the first and it was a damn good thing because the second period was not kind to him at all.  As good as the Hawks looked in the first things began to fall apart.  On a deep clear Huet attempted to play the puck back to Seabrook rather than push it along to Keith... only Corey Perry was charging hard to him and grabbed the puck.  An easy pass to Drew Miller and the score was quickly 2-1.

Just two minutes later a shot from the point by Pronger bounced a bit oddly off the boards to the back of the net.  Ebbett picked it on a chance for the wrap around that got Huet out of position and Bobby Ryan was there for the easy put in to tie the game. 

Huet was able to make a couple big saves for the rest of the game but also got lucky as the Ducks hit iron on some great chances.  Giguere also made some big saves in the third.  The game started to turn for the Hawks in the final period as they out-shot the Ducks 10-5 but none of them found the back of the net. 

We went to overtime where things were going well for the Ducks til Getzlaf tried to center a puck that got away from his target.  Luckily for all of us the pass deflected right Martylark who took the puck from the Hawks zone down into the Ducks zone.  Havlat was able to beat Perry towards the net and did a classic skate left/shoot right and put one right past Giguere... game.

Another good win for the men of four feathers in a game that almost turned into a Hawks blow-up.  The Hawks still aren't looking as sharp as we've seen them but they're still finding a way to win games and right now that's all that matters.  This was game 62 which means we're only 20 away from the post-season and barring something catastrophic - we're going to see the Hawks play in late April.  It's been an amazing year to be a Hawks fan - so don't forget to share your opinion about the changes. 

The Second City Player of the Game.. again.. could it have been any other?  It's Martylark:


Please let this be a notice too that if you make any sort of photoshop (even if it's just with Microsoft Paint).. there's a good chance it'll be featured on the site and could become a recurring theme.  This one is from Chrome.  I don't know what Havlat's middle name is... but in my mind it starts with a P from now on. Havlat continued his point streak with not only an amazing pass for the second goal but also got the game winner.  9 game point streak.

Sam will be around all day tomorrow to keep track of the trades going on and offering any of his hung-over opinions on how they may impact the Hawks.  Lets hope the Hawks pick up a center because VERSTEEG! looked damn good on the wing again.