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Trade Deadline Bonanza!!: Hour 4

12:40:  We start off hour four with Antoine Vermette being interviewed on one channel and Vesa Toskala being interviewed on the TSN streaming.  Fuck.  My.  Life.

12:45: Still waiting on officialy word about Moore.  LaGreca reported it on NHL LIve, possibly for a 2nd round pick, but still haven't heard anything else.

12:50: More on Moore, though not official.  According to Behind the Net, he hasn't been that good on special teams, but is a plus player at even-strength.  There's no spot for him on the PP, maybe on the kill, though Toews should be first replacement there.

12:52:  The Leafs are telling TSN that Moore has not been dealt to us.  This was always going to go pear-shaped at some point.

12:53:  TSN is reporting that Peter Forsberg is retiring today, and in other news, tomorrow's thursday.

12:55:  Bob McKenzie puts down the sandwich long enough to report that talks over Moore have broken down, and the Hawks are turning their attention to Sammy Pahlsson of Anaheim.

12:58: TSN is on fire here, as now the Avs say there's no announcement tonight about Forsberg, due to lack of interest.  Also Guerin seems to be going to Pittsburgh.

1:01:  Pahlsson isn't the pick up that Moore would, despite the rep.  Good faceoff guy for sure, but overrated as a defensive center, and nothing at the other end.  He's a negative player in +/- and Behind the net, has been for a few years.  One good playoff run, though.  Maybe he can repeat that.  As Bart said to Homer the Train conductor, "Think harder, Homer."

1:15: Absolutely nothing going on right now.  I'm looking forward to my nap.

1:18:  Oh shit, Pierre McGuire is standing up now!  He means business!  What a douche!

1:20: Anyone else starting to worry that we won't end up with a center today?

1:23: I'm sitting here listening to Jim Fox talk about his groin pain.  I think it's time to make some changes...

1:27:  Thanks to Hawk Is God for pointing us to Pierre LeBrun's report that Havlat and the hawks are close to an extension, and won't be moved.  However, it's been rumored to close for weeks now, and the longer it's "close" and not "done" makes me queasy.

1:31:  I'm sorry, TSN is up to 13 analysts for this.  There's a group of old guys on the left here they go to once every couple of hours.  They're obviously the remedial class.

1:41:  Malin Akerman looks so fucking hot as Laurie Jupiter.  I'm so fucking ready for Watchmen.  I'm gonna keep swearing out of boredom.

1:42: TSN reporting the Leafs are holding out for more than a 2nd round pick for both Antropov and Moore.  good fucking luck, Burke.

1:45: Phoenix has send Daniel Carcillo to Philly for Scottie Upshall, because Philly didn't have enough slobs on their roster.

1:48:  Antropov has gone to the Rangers.  That dam is breaking, we'll see what Antropov went for, Moore certainly couldn't go for more.

1:50:  TSN reporting it's a 2nd and a conditional for Antropov.  So a 2nd for Moore is more than reasonable.  Keep firing, assholes!

1:55:  Five minutes to go here, Dale needs to land us Moore.  There isn't anything else out there.  2nd round pick, throw in some late rounder if you have to.

2:00  Deadline is here.  I'll stick around for another hour or so, news of these deals comes late sometimes.  Well, wasn't this fun?

2:04:  Derek Morris has gone to NYR for Kalinen, Nigel Dawes, and Petr Prucha, which seems like a lot.  I've always wondered about Prucha, broke into the league with 28 goals, Renney then shuttered him, and Rangers fans were never able to figure out why.

2:04:  Dominic Moore is going somewhere, TSN reports...

2:07: Watching Matthew Barnaby in the background is fucking hilarious, and I can't tell you why.

2:09: Moore went to Buffalo for a 2nd round pick, which I find it shocking we couldn't have come up with.  It's looking shockingly like Dale is going to come up empty.

2:12:  Time for a rant here:  I have to say if this is all that's going to happen it's very disappointing.  I didn't want a blockbuster deal or anything, but a 2nd rounder is all Moore cost?  It's not like we're trying to replace someone, WE DON'T HAVE A #3 CENTER.  It's an open spot.  You can't go into the playoffs with Tim Brent being iced.  Sharp back to the middle?  Seems the only option now.  He had some chemistry with VerStud, but he's hit a wall.  This is not encouraging.

2:20:  Right, I think that's it.  If there's word of a deal, I'll chime back in, but it looks like the Hawks come up empty on deadline day.  Thanks for sticking around, I hope you enjoyed it.