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I've seen it rainin' fire in the sky: Avs @ Hawks Preview

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DON’T FORGET:  YOUR SPG PICKS - remember the New Rule too

The Blackhawks are our religion this month and the United Center is our church.  I think this makes Bobby Hull god.  I'm not sure exactly.  Anyway, how ridiculous is this promotion the Hawks are running:


The last time these two teams met the Hawks got screwed by technicalities.  Remember the quick puck-drop that Sharp wasn't ready for?  Well that lead to Walker taking a penalty and the Avs scoring on the ensuing power play.  That was the only time the Hawks lost to this team this year.

And that might have been the last time the Avs won a game too.  OK - actually they've won 7 but they've lost 17 including the last 6 in a row.  So they have to be a hungry team right now unless they've gone into full tank mode for the lottery already.  One thing the Hawks will need to avoid is going into overtime with the Avs.  Somehow they've won 10 of the 11 games they've taken to OT. 

We hope people are coming to realize that +/- are way more a reflection of a team than an individual but it's still worthwhile to note that the Avs only have two players who are a + on the year and the highest is only +2.  Keith is +30.

This should be an easy win for the Hawks but I think the Hawks have shown us that they don't do anything easy this year.  They can beat the Sharks on the road but lose to the worse teams at home.  When the 6th worst team in goals per game for takes on the third best though - you gotta hope for a victory.  Add in the fact that the Avs are 5th worst in goals against per game and the Hawks are 5th best and it looks like it could be an easy game for a rainy sunday afternoon.

Lets hope it actually turns out that way.  I'm off to the game now - have fun all.

Lets Go Hawks