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God Hates Us All: Avs crush Hawks 5-1

Once again - this game can probably be blamed on one of the two writers for this site.  I'm to blame for angering God in the preview (among other sins) who then filled all the Hawks skates with cement.  Sam is to blame for calling out Tyler Arnason in The Indian as he went on to get 3 assists and score the game's first star rank... excuse me while I go vomit.

The game really fit the weather here in Chicago.  As soon as I got in my car it started to pour.  I should have known it would have been better to just head back to bed and nurse the hangover a little more. 

Campbell was boo'd before the puck was ever dropped as he was announced as part of the starting pair of blue liners for the Hawks.  Glad to see Q really made a statement with Campbell's piss-poor play yesterday by making him a starter for this game and giving him the 4th most time-on-ice.  As a fellow red-headed man, Campbell and I probably share ancestors some where back in history but you know what... It's open season on him... go nuts. 

I don't know if the Hawks were tired yesterday after trying their hardest to make up for Campbell and Huet's mistakes but they looked horrible this afternoon.  As usual, it was only Toews who really seemed to play 100% and try everything he can think of to keep the Hawks from losing.  The Captain now has 11 goals in 11 games. 

Sadly this game also saw the end of Big Country Walker's 3-game point streak though Walker has to be thrilled that he ever had anything that could possibly be called a streak to begin with.

You have to wonder if Niemi will stick around much longer at the NHL.  His first start, even with the win, looked shaky and today he didn't exactly impress anyone.  The 5 goals weren't all his fault and he did make a few nice saves but I wasn't too impressed.  Of course Crawford lost in a shootout yesterday and was pulled in a game on Friday after giving up 3 goals in 19 shots so he's not setting the world on fire either.  To sum it all up - Khabby... get well soon.

The worst news of the day?  Havlat may be injured.  He didn't come out for the third.. I know if this had happened in November none of us would have blinked or been surprised at all but now it actually hurts the Hawks quite a bit.

The good news from today?  Ummm.. Sam got some free ice cream?  No.. how about the fact that Sharp is supposed to start skating this week as early as tomorrow?  Yeah.. that'll work.

CORSI and Shift Charts are here - It's not pretty though so I don't blame you for not looking.

Second City Player of the Game:


The Purple Zamboni in the zamboni race.  I know this is a Yahoo! zamboni but I couldn't find a picture of the cartoon zamboni that race on the scoreboard.  Anyways - I won that stupid race for the first time today.  That's pretty much my highlight of the day for me. 

Ugly weekend of hockey for us Hawk fans.  Hopefully things pick up soon