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Not Gonna Put Forth Much Of An Effort In The Evening, Either: Scum 0, Hawks 3

Yeah, sorry, just burned out.  And in a game that doesn't matter, I don't think a full wrap is necessary.  We all need to catch our breath, and starting tomorrow we'll be chock-full of stuff for the playoffs.

Encouraging stuff today though:

-First off, the win puts our record against Scum at 2-2-2 for the year, which looks a lot better than 0-4-2 would have.

-Obviously, the most encouraging aspect today was Khabby.  He keeps this up, and we may be attending games at the UC this spring in shorts.  That's how far we'll go.

-Something has gotten into Buff.  Maybe it's the checking role, maybe it's young man's fancy turning to love in the spring, maybe it was fear of being scratched, whatever it is, he could be a big factor in how far the Hawks go.

-Ladd also had a strong game, and the look of that 3rd line is becoming quite enjoyable.

-Aaron Johnson played, was much better than Walker, hopefully making A POINT TO Q!  Get it, Joel.  We all see it, why can't you?

The PP scored, and the PK was perfect, though that's in large part thanks to Khabby. 

Other than that, a good way to wrap up the year.  Matt has already done this, but now would be a good time for the three of us to thank you for a great first year in these parts.  I know Killion and I, and McClure with his late addition, have had a total blast here, and can't really believe what we've become.  The postseason should be one to remember. 

Enjoy the night, and we'll see you all the UC on Thursday night.  God, that still makes me smile.