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Just What We Needed, Something To Please: Flames 1, Hawks 5



So I wanted to put a picture of Jasper or Red Foreman here, but apparently we can't do that any more.  Or something's not working.  Whatever, you get the point I'm trying to make. 

Funny, if you look at the Corsi Ratings, or even just shots on goal, one might assume that this was a pretty even game.  Anyone with a pulse and even one functioning retina would tell you this was a Red Foreman foot-in-the-ass for two periods, and then a third where the Hawks could afford to step off the gas.  We had said on here that if the Hawks can get the power play going, they will this series.  You saw why last night.

The first PP, merely a minute in when Criminal was called for holding, set the tone for the whole game.  It didn't score, but it created chances and even more momentum.  The second, after just a moronic penalty by Cory Sarich -- who had been highly effective in games 3 and 4--, even causing Iginla to shake his head at him, resulted in the opener.  When Campbell and Versteeg did the dirty work for Havlat to provide us with the "sick assist" we refrence in the Our Havlat prayer.  Seabrook still had some work to do, but didn't miss. 

There were some murmurs of discontent after that, seeing as how the team to score first in every game had lost.  But this was the first time the home team scored first, and it makes a huge difference.  The Hawks were all over the Flames after that, and put the game away midway through the first.  Sharp banged one in after some nifty work from Captain Marvel, though what had to be one of the stranger goals of the year.  No one knew it went in, as it buried itself in bottom of the net, I think.  Versteeg! then crashed home a rebound 19 seconds later, which is how long it would take him to make my friend know, I'm not gonna finish that.  Let's just say that she likes Versteeg! very, very much. 

It was pretty academic from there.  Though the Flames carried the play for the first 5 minutes of the 2nd, and scored once, the Hawks came right back and turned them over, causing Keenan to go to patented goalie-roulette, and causing Kiprusoff to go all Patrick Roy on him at the bench.  Hey, Mike, it was you who turned your goalie into mush with overuse, not the other way around. 

This was the style we've waited for since, well, the start of the playoffs.  The Hawks skating around and through the slower, drooling slobs of Calgary.  They got pucks deep, outworked the Flames, and didn't get caught up in any of the silly shit the Flames so desperately want them to.  Series is a long way from over, these young Hawks have never faced the challenge of putting a team away in the playoffs yet.  But more like this, and they'll do so.

Player of The Game


Yeah, um, can't find the pic of VERSTEEG!, just as I couldn't use Jasper or Red.  But anyway, Kris was the most noticeable player on the ice, and seemingly created something on every shift.

P.S.:  Thanks to Matt for adding the pics, and apparently taking away my ability to add them myself, which really will help everyone in the long run.