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Try That Last Part Again: Hawks at Canucks Game 2 Preview

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TV/RADIO: Comcast Plus, CBC, WGN 720

OPPOSITION BLOG: Nucks Misconduct

So, on the Derby Day, we find out if what exactly that comeback means.  Will the Hawks come out with confidence and belief?  Or will Vancouver know now exactly what they're up against, and never take the foot off the gas?  I'm not sure anyone knows.

What we do know is that the Hawks must correct two glaring problems from Game 1.  Quit taking Alice In Chains' "Man In The Box" literally, and stay out of there, and they must be more assured with the puck.  If the Hawks do those two things, they can turn the ice and build some momentum, because at even-strength is where our foward depth can really shine. 

Maybe Luongo just decides to win this, and if he does, there's probably little the Hawks can do.  However, bodies to the front, and moving the puck are ESSENTIAL tonight, and the Hawks saw he's not a Greek God or anything (though maybe a Kazakhstani God). 

Another thing the Hawks may want to worry about is keeping Vancouver's 3rd line from being as effective.  Wellwood and Bernier had real good games, and this can't happen.  Statler and Waldorf (Sundin and Demitra) at even-strength weren't much of a factor, and the Hawks need to turn the Canucks into a one-line team, which they can do.  Keeping Wellwood in check will almost do that entirely.

Do not give yourself GIRD, this is not must-win.  The Hawks can hold serve at home and start the series all over at Game 5.  However, you're going to need to win in BC sometime, so do it now, and make things easier. 

NOTE:  No get-together tonight, as any bar we could think of would at best be split with Bulls viewers.  We'll do one soon, we hope.