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Shape-Shift, Back To The Meaning....

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Really interesting post today at Japers (the Caps blog) about length of shifts.  So, because I'm not above ripping anything off when it comes to writing about the Hawks, I thought it would be cool to see how it applies to The Men of Four Feathers.  From looking at both games 1 and 2 statsheets, the Hawks don't have anyone averaging more than 50 seconds per shift.  However, if you go back to Game 1's shift charts, you'll see on the winning goal that Havlat, Kane, and Versteeg were out for over a minute when the marker was tallied.  The Vancouver d-men, because of Salo's injury, were all above 50 seconds per shift, which my partly explain the windburn they were getting from Hawks forwards in the 2nd and 3rd.  Even when Salo is replaced by Vaananen, or others, it's hard to think that Vigneault will give him big minutes.  So, this is something worth watching.  But mostly, it's just a fascinating post from Japers, and one I'd do more with if I really felt like doing the research, but I don't.