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Death Smiles At Us All, The Least You Can Do Is Smile Back- Canucks 1, Hawks 2 (OT)

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Somehow, I keep ending up with drawing doing the wraps for games that are simply impossible to describe, but I'll jump on this grenade to save my unit. Christ, where do you even begin?

Well, let's begin with the beginning (seems sensical, no?).  Finally, the Hawks had jump in the first, and besides from a penalty from Brouwer, had the edge in play.  They did everything we asked of them, for the most part.  That being get it in deep, skate hard, be patient, and get it back.  Some weren't totally on the boat (VERSTEEG! i'm looking at you), but the majority were.  They had a couple chances, but this was never going to be an open, shoot-em-out game.  Frankly, the 1st was all I hoped for.

The 2nd was more of the same.  The Canucks stuck to their game plan, and so did the Hawks.  Then, about halfway through, came what seemed like the definitive moment of the season.  Kane, Toews, and Brouwer has by far the best shift of the game, cycling and creating chance after chance.  Toews was found in the slot and had his shot smothered, leading to a break from Vancouver.  Shockingly, Walker got back in time to snuff out Rypien's rush, but out of nowhere, Rypien (??!!) made a nifty Campbell-spin to Hordichuk who buried his short breakaway.  Cue brain bubble for me, and I'm sure others.  The Hawks had some glorious chances, and after Luongo stoned Sharp-Shooter I was sure "Here it comes."

The period played out, at intermission McClure kept preaching the Hawks were coming, and as I headed back to my seat I gave comrade Wayne in 320 an abbreviated Miracle speech:  "This is your moment, this is your time."  Thing was, it never seemed like it would come in the 3rd.  The Hawks did everything right.  They skated hard, they got it in deep, they worked as hard as they possibly could, and yet the clock ticked. 

And then...

And then...

How to describe it?  For once, the Canucks were caught out of position.  They had three men along the far boards.  Bolland and Ladd won the puck out to the slot.  Jesus Havlat got it.  If this were against any other team, I would think this was an automatic goal . But against Luongo?  I had my doubts.  Shouldn't have.  Havlat buried it.  Cue euphoria.  Cue relief.  Cue me nearly throwing my friend Ashely into the pressbox.  What a moment.  What a team.

Thing is, Hawks could have won it in regulation.  Bolland got in somewhat alone, and I think he should have just teed it up from the circle, but he tried to make a move, which is fair enough because the books says that Borat doesn't move side to side that well, but he got checked (hooked?) and snuffed out the chance. 

To overtime, and I have to mention the two huge saves that Khabby made to keep the game going, before Ladd ended it. I'm too frazzled to know who they were on, Killion will fill that in later, but needless to say, they were there.

You know the rest, D. Ladd Soul to the rescue.  I've run out of words now.  I questioned the teams sack in the Indian, and I got my answer.  The Huevos are in full supply.

There'll be more tomorrow, I hope this does for now.  I'm gonna go throw up.