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Where Do We Go Now?

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So, there are two ways you can look at last night's game.  The first would be that the Hawks took the Nucks best road game, and survived it.  They can play against a trap, do the simple things, wait (and wait and wait) for their chances, and eventually bury them, while pretty much limiting the Canucks to nothing in the offensive zone.

Or, you could look at it and say the Canucks were a mere two minutes from a commanding 3-1 lead, and that they can snuff the Hawks out whenever they want, and it was only due to a couple bounces and saves here and there that kept the Canucks from winning it.

Where it really gets interesting is how Vancouver decided to play Game 5.  Can they trap like that at home?  Will the pressure of the Cancuk faithful be too much?  But it's already been proven they can't run and gun with us, so don't they have to?  Will be awfully interesting to watch, no?