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Free Agency Madness: Hour 4


2:03  NHL Network just ran this ad for a self-defense video that might be the most homoerotic thing I've ever seen.  I'm honestly questioning everything right now.

2:04  Let me clear something up, Beauchemin has not signed here, I'm just calling for it.  And quoting Todd Rundgren.

2:10:  McClure with his one salient thought of the day.  The Hawks will now have three players wearing numbers in the 80's, meaning they'll have more receivers than the Bears.  Whatever, Cutler still rules.

2:12  If the reports are true that Wiz is looking for 4 million a year, he better be offering free catscans to everyone.

2:18  So if these trends continue, will the Hawks be signing Rick Nash next year?  We're becoming Real Madrid.

2:22  TSN has gone to their Crusty Old Man Table who hate money and anything having to do with it.

2:24  And now they're panning Campbell's signing, clearly indicating that none of these guys could put the oatmeal down long enough to actually watch the Hawks.

2:47  Will things ever change with Philly?  A great team that's going to depend on a fiasco in net.  Same as it ever was...

2:29  Things slowing down, so they're all bitching that no one wants to go to Edmonton.  Apparently the Northern Lights just aren't the draw they used to be.  Huet will land here if he goes anywhere.

2:35  Ah, commercials for the opening of CFL season.  So funny, for no reason I can explain

2:40  Even the 300 Level is on board with this move.  What a day.

2:50  Spacek to the Habs.  I'm sure they'll love his shotgunning ignore your own zone ways.

2:56  Kills is going to drive this bus for a bit as I'm about to go cross-eyed.  later, folks.