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Puck Daddy, Two-Line Pass, Sour Grapes and You

As Dr. Ice pointed out in the fanposts - Puck Daddy has a good article that should help you calm down a little bit about the RFA maddness that will be unleashed next summer.  It's actually just a summary of this article from The Boston Globe - I won't bother to summarize a summary, just go read both.

We also have to thank The Two Line Pass for linking to this video on Puck Daddy today:

That's just gold...

Is Sam "certifiably insane" though for thinking the Hawks will be fine without Hossa?  No.. he's not.  At least not for that belief - there's plenty of other things wrong with him but that's not one of them.  We'll just chalk up TLP's belief to sour grapes after the first round exit of his beloved Flames...