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Two Shots Is All He Needs: Blackhawks 3 - Blues 2 (OT)

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The first period wasn't anything to write home about - The Duncan Keith Magical Turnover Tour didn't wait long to get going.  Duncs coughed one up just under two minutes in and let the Blues keep some added pressure including a shot from David Backes.  Bickell gave the Inglorious Backes a little cross check which led to some retaliation and the two dropped the gloves.  Backes likely got the better of the fight and gave Bickell a cut on the forehead but also picked up an extra two minutes for the retaliatory cross check. 

As we're far too accustomed to though - not much happened on the power play.  The rest of the first finished out with Halak making a few pretty saves including one from his belly on a Duncan Keith shot with Hawks and Blues scattered across his crease.  Turco was also able to bail the Hawks out a few times with some nice but unremarkable saves. 

Early in the second, golf cart polo casualty Erik Johnson took a dangerous shot on Dave Bolland who went into the boards hard and got up slow.  Luckily for the Hawks, this won't be another debate on dirty hits.  Bolland was able to get up (slowly) and regain himself to make a pretty pass to Seabrook.  Patrick Kane tried to carry the power play almost all on his own but nothing ever happens on the power play... we know this.  After the power play, Dave Bolland was able to make a great soccer-style keep in after his stick broke while taking a shot from the point.  The Blues would likely have had an odd-man break.. so that was nice.

Halfway into the second though the Blues struck first.  Alex Pietrangelo was pressured along the boards by Keith but was able to feed the puck to David Perron.  Seabrook went to cover but got caught between two ideas - go down on the ice to block the shot or stay up and try to take the body.  He went for the shot block but didn't fully sprawl out and Perron got around.  Turco must have thought he'd take it behind the net and was caught a bit off guard by the stuff attempt.  The puck bounces off Turco's heel and finds the net. 

The Blues had a potential back-breaking moment as Perron found a breakaway attempt but Turco kept his stick down, blocking Perron's attempt at going five-hole. 

Q shifted the lines around some to start the third - Toews replaced Sharpie with the Slovaks.  Kaner saw time with Sharp and Brouwer (good to see you back on the top lines buddy).  The Hawks started with some solid pressure but a turnover led to a 3-on-1 the other way.  The game started to give you the feeling that it's one of those nights where you might as well start drinking (or if you're a regular here.. just start drinking heavier). 

Luckily Marian Hossa and his backhand don't get those feelings. Sharp drew a penalty from Halak and the clown shoes were in place.  A quick breakout pass from Turco found him with his first assist of the year looks like they took away the assist from Turco and gave one to Brouwer.  Seabrook fired a low hard shot and Hossa was going hard to the net to pick up a rebound and put the Hawks on the board.  Turco's pass started the whole play though - this is why we wanted him here. 

Just over two minutes later there was a mad scramble in front of Halak that saw the Blues crash the net harder than any Hawk (and yeah.. there may have been some added push from the Hawks to help them there).  The puck bounced around til it once again found the back of Hossa's stick and he pushed it between his own legs, over Oshie and Halak and hitting twine.  Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

The Hawks took all that momentum into OT and quickly shat it all away.  The Blues managed to get 7 shots on goal in under 4 minutes of the extra time and things did not look good.  The Hawks were a step behind the puck and the Blues pressed hard, including an early chance that I'm still not sure how didn't find the net.

Jason Cullimore got his first shift in OT and found himself cycling down low behind the net... now just take a minute and think about how terrifying that thought is.  Lucky for us - he gave the puck to Kane.  Three Blues found themselves all staring at Kane (four if you include Halak).  None of them noticed Sharp once again going to the left slot but Kaner did.  Game. 

Random Observations:

  • Q did a good job of spreading out the ice time after the first, Sharp and Kopecky led in TOI overall with Hammer and Boynton leading the d-men.  After the second though, Keith was firmly back in place in the lead.  At game's end, he racked up his 5th game with over 30 minutes.
  • Anyone want to guess John Scott's total TOI?  Here's a hint - it's slightly longer than your average power play.  He ended the night with 2:29 TOI - 6 shifts total... two of which can probably barely be considered as real shifts.  After the first - only two shifts.  Lets fucking hope Q has finally realizes how useless Scott has been so far.  Games against the Blues are always hard hitting and violent affairs... and Scott still managed to not find anyone to square off against and threw only one hit and took a cross checking penalty.  Other teams realize that it's more valuable for him to be on the ice and slowing down this entire team... especially when he's taking a spot from a guy like Stalberg.  It's quite likely that no team is going to be dumb enough to send a guy out to fight him when he can be out there.  We understand that with Soupy out - Q will need to put him out every once in a while.  For the love of god though.. please not as a forward.
  • Got some time to kill?  Go ahead and start with this comment and just work your way down.  Don't troll by the way.. just enjoy it.  
  • Sharp has his third game winning goal in a row.  And with that... the Blackhawks now hold first in the Central once again.  At least until the Predators play tomorrow.  Two points for them will make a tie.  Way too early to get excited about it now.. but it's fun at least. 
  • We really ought to link to these more often - shift charts - corsi.  The Hawks did a good job of preventing shots.. at least until OT. 
  • Sharp and Hossa will get a lot of love (deserved) but Marty Turco had another fantastic game.  The huge stop against Perron plus all of OT until Cullimore/Kane/Sharp absolutely saved the game for the Hawks.  

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