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Always Crashing In The Same Car: Hawks 1 - Yotes 2

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A good ol' Toews face.. just to start things off on a cheery note.  Ahh shit... that ain't even Toews.  I guess it's spreading..
A good ol' Toews face.. just to start things off on a cheery note. Ahh shit... that ain't even Toews. I guess it's spreading..

What can we really write about these fucking games?  Can I just re-post the recap from about 7 other games so far this year and just change the names on who fucked up when?  Sadly, we don't even have to change many of the names most of the times (hint - it's been Keith way too often). 

The first period actually looked pretty solid.  The Hawks dominated puck possesion, were creating a ton of chances and out-shot the Yotes 14-4.  Despite all those chances though, the Hawks ended the first only up one goal off a Brian Bickell (not Jonathan Toews as Pat Foley first believed) who took the puck from the low boards, circled around near the blue line and fired a shot from center ice that bounced off a Coyote stick and found the back of the net.  The goal was first credited to Fernando Pisani.. but come on, 3 goals in 4 games for that guy?  Lets not get too greedy. 

Six minutes into the second - Duncan Keith put a dump-in attempt directly into the shin pads of a Coyote leading directly to a two-on-one for the Coyotes.  Nick Boynton was the lone man back and couldn't seem to commit to where he wanted to lay out to block... pass, shot, pass... way too many choices.  Wojtek Wolski went right around Boynton and hit a perfect pass to Kyle Turris (Where's Kris Versteeg when you need him?).  Also worth mentioning on this play - Keith was able to get back into the play but went for a stick lift on Wolski and missed. 

And then came the real test.  The Hawks have had an absolutely pathetic record on giving up a goal on shifts that were directly preceded by a goal against (I think someone on Twitter said there have been 7 before tonight?  I don't feel like looking it up).  Tonight would be no different.  The Hawks came into the Phoenix zone with some pressure but a cross attempt from Kane bounces over Keith's stick (and really... who else could it have been?).  Boynton was once again alone in his zone and Eric Belanger didn't bother with a pass - firing one past Turco for the eventual game winner.  Shoot me in the face.

The Hawks once again dominated the third in shot total at least - doubling up the number of shots of the Yotes.  Even the game's lone power play wasn't enough for the Hawks but that's no big surprise anymore.  Sadly, it's not the power play that's fucking clown shoes... it's the whole goddamn thing. 


  • The lines started as:

    By the Third Period though - the charts get a little choppy.
  • The D-Pairings were:

    Who would have ever thought that Duncan Keith would make Nick Boynton look bad?
  • Sam called for Keith's benching and got just about the closest thing we're likely to get.  His 20:55 was fourth highest for the blue liners (Cullimore and Boynton played less).  We're all open to ideas on what the hell should happen with Keith.  Is this just an elaborate plot by Duncs to get his ice time lowered to a reasonable clip?  If his play doesn't improve, is it too extreme to talk about stripping the A from his sweater?  Thoughts?
  • OK.. some positives for the night.  Umm.. the Hawks penalty kill was perfect.  Sharp wasn't a negative for the night.  Scott played less than 5 minutes and didn't do anything too stupid.  Everyone's favorite former Hawk Captain, Adrian Aucoin, was the only Yote with a negative rating.  At least we're not paying $100 Million for this
  • If you're not watching The Walking Dead... what's wrong with you?
  • Misery loves company folks - come drink with us on Sunday.