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We'll Take It: Blackhawks 3 - Ducks 2 (OT)

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Hey everybody - two points!  Not exactly the game we were looking for but it's good enough I suppose.  The Hawks finally got another win at home (the first since the Kings game on Oct. 27th for those keeping score) and can head out on the circus trip with a little less weight on their shoulders.  Since this is such a delayed recap and I'm hungover... lets just get right to the bullets.

  • Good to see some of the guys making the monies actually show up on the scoresheet.  Kane and Hossa's power play goals were a long time coming.  Lets hope they can get some sort of streaks going because if the only heavy lifting they're doing is when they drop off their paychecks at the bank - we're screwed. 
  • Duncan Keith actually had a pretty solid game... after the first anyway.  I'm not sure why he didn't realize Jason Blake was right behind him but that was an ugly turnover leading to Perry's first goal.
  • And speaking of ugly - how bad did Hammer look on Perry's second goal?  Super Nintendo didn't have a bad game by any stretch but he was caught out of position and Perry got him completely crossed up and undressed leading to the equalizer.
  • Lets stay with the defense here for a moment longer - Sam called for Duncan Keith to be taken off the top power play unit and he got his wish.  However, I don't think promoting Brent Seabrook to the top line with Sharp still at the point was what he was looking for.  Keith spent most of this power play time playing with... Brian Campbell.  Keith has never been the greatest power play quarterback but he more or less does the exact same thing as Campbell.  If anyone can explain to me anything positive this pairing accomplishes, you get a gold star.  Though they were the defensemen on the ice for the game winning goal and both got assists... so what the hell do I know?
  • The Hawks had nearly twice as many shots as the Ducks... yet somehow Jassen Cullimore had a -2 corsi rating.  I don't really understand how that is possible but I guess we have to give him credit for achieving a difficult task. 
  • Hey Kopecky - don't be a dumbass.  There was absolutely no need to attempt that hit so late in the third.  TomoKop may just be feeling the pressure of not playing well lately but that's not the way to get yourself going.  I had bad feelings going into OT but the Hawks were able to kill the penalty. 
  • Though he doesn't show up on the scoresheet - Toews actually had one of his better games this year.  He looked strong along the boards and was at least creating chances all night.  
  • Jonas Hiller's mask... pretty damn cool.
  • I'm not sure if there ever was one but in case there was, consider the love affair with Kris Versteeg officially over in Toronto.  Chemmy is not happy.  Not happy at all.  Not one bit.  They're really not happy about much at all these days though.
  • Thanks again to The Bottom Lounge for having us - and thanks to everyone who made it out.  Expect us back again soon.