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Lose The Dress, Keep The Shoes - Blackhawks 7 - Canucks 1

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It's a Saturday night (at least when I started writing this it was) and few, if any, of you will probably be able to see straight until you wake in the morning so lets make this short and sweet.  Some games start a little slow, the first period saw chances go both ways.  Shots favored the Hawks but the Nucks put good chances on Corey Crawford.  The good omen - there were rebounds to be had off Bobby Lou.  The Hawks just needed to be there.

And then the flood gates opened.

Toews got inside a Canucks defender (who cares which) and was able to get the tip off a Marian Hossa shot for the first of many.  Troy Brouwer muscled in a goal to make his parents proud a few minutes later.  Brent Seabrook caught Borat leaning left and may have got a re-direct for the third.  Sharpie and Slovaks finally chased him off the ice and the game was sealed up. 

The third period was gravy - lets get to the bullets

  • Does this make up for last night's debacle?  Tell me the Hawks would be 2-1-0 leaving Canada and I'd be happy.  Tell me there's two DLR games and I'd be ecstatic.  But does the shittiness of yesterday leave a sour taste in your mouth?  I'm not sure how I feel on this yet.  We'll have to see if they can carry any momentum on to the next games because they certainly aren't going to be getting any easier on this trip.  The Sharks are always difficult (unless it's Spring evidently) - The Kings are a solid team this year and the Hawks just suck in Anaheim on Black Friday.  One more win and they're at .500 for the trip...
  • Anyone who is still uneasy about Dustin Byfuglien leaving should find comfort in Troy Brouwer.  Don't worry - the Hawks still have a big power forward type who will disappear for months on end and then pull something like THAT out of his ass.  That's two goals in two games for Troy - playing back at home in America's Hat does well for this boy.  
  • Patrick Sharp was all over the ice creating chances early and often so it was good to see him put the dagger in Luongo's heart.  Keep it up.
  • "Fuck You Alberts" Indeed
  • The Hawks had 8 power plays. They had 7 goals.  They had 1 power play goal.  The fuck?  Sure it didn't help the Canucks that they couldn't stay out of the box but that's not exactly how you draw it up before the puck drop.  Once the game got out of hand the Nucks once again fell back on trying to goon it up (as shown by Alberts) but good on the Hawks for ignoring the bullshit while continuing to find the back of the net.  The Nucks didn't go with that plan long..
  • That was the first regulation loss at home for the Canucks.
  • Has anyone had a quieter 3-point night than Marian Hossa did?  He was obviously good but wasn't exactly a highlight reel tonight. Good enough for gravy I suppose... is that even a real saying?
  • It was a meaningless goal but Kaner absolutely sniped that one. 
  • Fernando Pisani with two goals?  That's a good sign you sucked tonight.  By the way - if Pisani ever scores a hat trick and you manage to throw a big fancy pope hat on the ice... I'll give you my first born.  
  • Sometimes the stats simply lie
  • Shame Crawford wasn't able to get the shut out. He was solid early and made nice saves all game.  By the way, after hearing his name, my girlfriend said he sounds like he should be a Mouseketeer.  Seeing a picture of him only confirmed that for her.  Possible nickname?  Thoughts? 
  • I believe my thoughts are best summed up by this interpretive dance by Boris Yeltsin.

Player Of The Game:


We're going shooter here.  He finally chased Bobby Lou and was everywhere all game long.  His 7 shots tonight certainly help keep him atop the league leaders.

You had to know this was coming

Enjoy the celebration tonight - lets hope this same team shows up on Wednesday.