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World Keeps Turning: Devils 5 - Hawks 3

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If only the rest of the game would have gone as well as this picture would make it seem...
If only the rest of the game would have gone as well as this picture would make it seem...

Well ain't that a kick right square in the dick?  If you weren't ready to pull your fingernails off after the disaster to the Rangers... you're probably long gone now.  If you held out, well you might be ready just about now. Lets just get right into the game anyway...

After the first the Hawks were being out-shot 8 to 5 and were down a goal... but they weren't yet fully outplayed.  While the stats may have tilted in the Devils favor, the Hawks were right in the game and were generating their fair share of chances... though without the ability to fucking finish any of them. 

Just four minutes into the second - Travis Zajac put the Devils up two.  At that point the Hawks were being outshot something like 13-7.  After Fatso left with an apparent hand injury (which makes it something like 8 Devils down with hand injuries... hope they like the stranger) the Hawks seemed to turn it around. They quickly evened and then passed the Devils in shots.  That was mostly due to the second period where the Hawks outshot the Devils 15-6.  In the third.. well it kinda went to shit and it's probably not polite to talk about in mixed company.

Random Observations:

  • Leave it to a game where he plays as a center and starts skating with Jordan Hendry and John Scott as his wingers for Fernando Pisani to have probably his best game as a Hawk.  While averaging just 22 seconds per game on the power play before tonight - Pisani for some reason got over three minutes tonight.  He didn't waste it though as he created a screen for Campbell's goal just as the first power play ended and tied it up early in the third with the advantage.  He may have been a candidate for player of the game had the rest of the Hawks actually given a shit tonight. 
  • And speaking of the two d-men turned wingers tonight... they both had under 4 minutes of TOI and didn't see a single shift after 32 minutes into the game.  It turns out they weren't totally fucking awful and managed a few reasonably alright shifts.. but they were bad enough that Q didn't want to play a single second for almost half the game.  WHY THE FUCK WERE THEY THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?!   PLEASE, SOMEONE ASK Q THIS QUESTION!  Forget this fucking election - this is the real problem facing Illinois right now. 
  • Cullimore was a fucking adventure tonight.  He was all over the place in the first... which to say he was every where except for his proper position. 
  • The CORSI Numbers aren't much help tonight.  There's not a single Hawk in the red and not a single Devil in the black.  
  • Patrick Sharp is a -5 tonight... if you want to see why - just watch him fly out of the zone as Keith loses the puck in his skates and Zajac is there to easily put it in.  He was expecting the big play not following the actual puck.  Please don't do that Sharpie.
  • Marty Turco had another solid game, sure, his high wire act was in full effect as he was slow to get back to the crease a few times but he kept the puck out of the net for the most part.  Of course his big saves and solid game are going to be completely forgotten because he didn't get back to his post for Bradley Mills' first NHL career goal.  Only Kovalchuck and Langenbrunner were in the Hawks zone to start that goal by the way.. the rest of the team was on a change and the Hawks forwards completely failed to pick up on the players coming in. 
  • So how often do they call kneeing penalties?  
  • Jake Dowell won a fight... I guess that's worth mentioning, yeah?
  • Boynton ended the night a +1.. anyone who can explain why that makes sense will earn themselves a gold star. 
  • My dog just knocked over the water I was drinking... I guess he agrees that it's probably best to end the night with beer... or some scotch.  Good night.