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Pouring Water On A Drowning Man: Blackhawks 1 - Sharks 2 (OT)

I was just going to write this tomorrow morning but I realized staying up and doing it now means at least one more beer and the opportunity to sleep in a little later tomorrow before corn beef hash and another Redskins defeat happens.  So lets get right to it.

For a low scoring game, this was actually a pretty entertaining one.  Which is even weirder considering that Jordan Hendry, Jake Dowell and John Scott were the only Blackhawks that tallied a point (Killer J line anyone?).  If you told me Scott was one of three Hawks to register a point, I'd just go ahead and assume it was a freak occurrence and a blow out.  Not so.  That's probably mostly due to the play of Corey Crawford.  Another solid game form the mouseketeer (i'm pushing this nickname til it sticks) should have led to what I understand would have been a record tying game of some sort.  It didn't though, so who really cares?

I have to agree with the thoughts of Sam though in saying 3 points out of the 4 on this road trip leaves the team in a great position as the rest of the league finally starts to catch up to the Hawks in terms of games played.  So.. uh... that's one.  Lets get two on Monday.  To the bullets:

  • Ok.. Yes.  Lets get this out of the way.  The Viktor Stalberg goal should have counted.   Niemi never came close to having the puck under control.  More than a few teams have been burned by the "intent to blow" rule.  I can't remember the last time the Hawks were on the losing end of it... so it goes.  
  •  The Hawks won 42 of 71 faceoffs... and I think Toews won 34 of them personally, even if he wasn't on the ice at the time.  I remember at least once where he got kicked out of the faceoff and then won the battle along the boards to gain control.  I would have bet anything that Toews was going to score the game winner or at least decapitate someone with this stick in the process.  Somehow he ends up with a -1.... life isn't fair
  • So Jordan Hendry had a goal.  Does this mean Q or Bowman will try to justify suiting up 10 forwards for a game?  We shall see.  I'd still rather see him on the blue line and Boynton in the press box but what do I know?
  • Niklas Hjalmarsson did not have the best game of his life.
  • Speaking of bad games, the corsi numbers are a little odd.  Hammer was a -13 but it was far from Bolland's -21. 
  • After a poor start, we all know the Hawks need to rack up points as quickly as possible.  Taking a point from the Sharks in their home without the talents of Kane or Hossa is nothing to scoff at.  It's not the end of the world
  • Over at Fear The Fin - there's this:

    "Ryane Clowe would go on to score the game winner 3:52 in overtime, sending San Jose to the locker room with two points over the rival Blackhawks"

    Do any of you really consider the Sharks a "rival"?  The Red Wings, of course.  The Blues, yes.  The Canucks... yeah, they're a rival now.  The Sharks?  Not so much.  At least not for me.  This is a fan base that still insists on booing Brian Campbell every time he touches the puck though.  In case you were wondering, he only played 20 games for them but the act like he kicked the life our of their puppies. 
  • Also, Ryan does not have an "e" in it... asshole.
  • Godspeed to Sam Fels and all you other crazy bastards who dare tempt fate by going to the Bears game tomorrow. Stay warm, drink whiskey.