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Super Sunday Olympic Thread

You're my guy Chris, but seriously, no one's given me a satisfactory answer as to why you're here.
You're my guy Chris, but seriously, no one's given me a satisfactory answer as to why you're here.

Forgive the lateness of this post, but I had family stuff to tend to, Sam's still dick-in-the-dirt drunk* in Vegas, and Killion is working.

So today we get some real matchups. The Pinkos already dispatched of the Czechs 4-2 this afternoon, but there's still a couple of marquee games to take a look at.

6:40 PM - America (Fuck Yeah!) vs. Canadia (MSNBCNBC) - With Canada having to go to a shootout against the Watchmakers, it puts the US in an advantageous position as pool play closes out. The Americans only need a point to end up at the top of their group and catch a bye in the medal round, putting Canada into the wild-card play-in game. While the US has two victories against non-powerhouses, they haven't looked all that impressive in doing so. The plethora of odd-man breaks going the other way toward Ryan Miller are sure to end up in the back of the net against the stacked Canadians. Look for them to batten down the hatches this evening, and for Canada to come out frothing at the mouth with the home crowd on their side. And here's hoping Kane, Toews, Keith, and Seabrook remain in once piece.


11:00 PM - Fightin' Finns vs. Scandanavian Scum (Some network with a lot of letters that will be difficult to find) - Most games involving the Finns are testy enough, tonight's rematch of the 2006 gold medal game should be exceptionally fiesty given the rivalry between Finland and Sweden. The Swedes are only marginally less skilled than they were in Turin (not Torino- no one refers to the Munich games as "Munchen"), and the Finns always provide enough sandpaper to prove a good foil to the Bikini Team. This should be quite the game, stay up late for it.

* - Upon learning this phrase had been used on the blog this evening, a friend of mine and Sam's, Professor Nadyja Von Ebers, demanded credit for coining it (as she did), lest I get my ass kicked (again).