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Phoenix 1 - Chicago 1: Cahyotes Win Russian Roulette

Well we'll try something new here.  This will be a recap written by a guy who only actually watched the first period of this game before spending time being a boyfriend and taking my girl out before spending time with all you schmucks drinking, eating and hockey watching in St. Louis (and just in case she reads this, I had a great time) . Sam and McClure both told me via text messages that I'd be able to write the best recap seeing as how they decided to go out and get shitty... which is probably quite astute.

To make things even worse for this recap though - I actually missed the Hawks lone goal.  I listened to the game on the radio driving downtown, got out to walk to the bar and by the time I got there I saw the face-off after Colin Fraser's second goal of the year.  Of course I saw it on replays, and it was great to see Fraser grab a goal after being a healthy scratch the last game.  The goal was equal parts skating hard to the net, being in the right spot and lets face it, a lot of luck.  Mario knocked the puck off LaBamba's shoulder and it found it's way into the net.  Kane aims for that space, Fraser just closes his eyes and hopes for the best in this situation.

As of yet, I have no idea how the Coyotes scored their goal.  I see on the box score that it came on the tail end of a Coyotes power play and of course it comes after the always annoying too many men penalty.  Throwing salt into the wound, it had to be Radim Vrbata...

Even worse, ESPN tells me Adrian Aucoin was the first star of the game?  The fuck?  This game existed to do nothing but kick us in the junk.  Lets hope for something better tomorrow or it's going to be quite ugly.