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If We Don't Return, Avenge Our Deaths: Blackhawks @ Blues Preview, Game Thread, ROAD TRIP!

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Game Time: 7:00 Central
Our Gracious Hosts: St. Louis Game Time

As you read this, people of various stages of cleanliness and sobriety will be descending upon St. Louis.  Wish us well because with close to 50 people sitting our section, things could get loud and ugly.  Hopefully we'll all be on our best behaviour though.  As for the game...

On Wednesday, things didn't go so well.  We saw the Hawks continue the trend of not playing for a full 60 minutes and it bite them in the ass.  Their shitty second period saw 3 goals in under 10 minutes that led to the first Blues victory against the Hawks this year.   Needless to say, it sucked.

Perhaps the best thing the Hawks have going for them tonight is the fact that they've now lost 3 games in a row for the first time this year... and they've all been games the Hawks probably should have won.  This is the first real slump we've seen from the Hawks.  There's costly turnovers and questionable passing though, the effort is there and we can see the skill but it's only coming in short but dominating bursts... A few months ago the Hawks were winning these games when things don't go their way... now they're struggling a bit.  Needless to say, it sucks.

We'll have to hope the Hawks come out angry over losing the last three and take advantage of the Blues and their home record, which is a pretty miserable 9-15-5, especially compared to their 16-8-4 record on the road.  Needless to say, they suck at home.

In the last game, the Blues took a day off from their normal game plan against the Hawks and we didn't see many cheap shots or overly physical play.  It was a surprisingly clean game, only 2 penalties called on St. Louis and no fights, roughing or any other shenanigans between the two squads.  Of course, playing each other twice in just a few days (and when the Hawks should be angry) can change that quickly.  Lets hope for the best.  OK... I really should go pack.

Reminder- For everyone going on the St. Louis trip tomorrow, we will be meeting at Maggie Obrien's, 2000 Market St. in St. Louis.  We will be there from about 4pm on.

Lets Go Hawks