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Crosseyed and Painless: Scum @ Blackhawks - Preview, Game Thread, Home Run Derby

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Game Time: 2:00 PM Central
TV/Radio: CSN/WIND-AM 560
Wretched Hive: Winging It In Motown

I really can't believe the regular season ends today. We're only one game away from the start of the real fun of the year. This is going to be a quick preview because I've got a lot of running around to do before the festivities later today (first reminder - come to the Bottom Lounge and party with us).

I'm sure you know by know that the Sharks beat the Yotes in the skills competition last night so if the Hawks want the top seed, only 2 points will do it. And according to Adam Jahns' article, Frazz says they want it. Niemi will be getting the start once again in the final game of the year. I don't think there was a morning skate so no idea who is missing the game and who is in. I'm guessing Kim Johnsson is still dead and Brouwer might still be MIA.

Remember when Detroit were on the outside looking in at the playoff picture? Wouldn't it have been amazing if they were golfing early for the first time in about 36 years? Didn't work out that way though... the scum have been one of the best teams in the league since resuming play after the Olympics. Even though they haven't looked too dominate in the last few games, they've still got a 15-3-2 record since March. They're getting hot at a time when no one else in the league wants to see them at their best.

Of course we all know the Hawks have been playing pretty damn well themselves after hitting their little bump in the road. They're on their second longest win streak of the year and fans are slowly backing away from the ledge. So for the most part this afternoon's game doesn't matter.. but it'd still be damn sweet to not only win the season series against the scum.. but also take the top spot in the West.

And of course you knew I was going to remind all of you about our little festivities today.


The Bottom Lounge is once again hosting us and many other fans to come eat, drink and watch some hockey. Sam and I will be there watching the game, McClure will join us after. We're not only watching the game though - there will be giveaways for shows at the Bottom Lounge and most importantly, we'll have NHL '94 hooked up for everyone to play. Actually, most important is booze... and the Bottom Lounge has a great beer list. The Bottom lounge is located at 375 West Lake Street and isn't far from the Ashland stop on the green/pink lines. We really hope to see you all there.

Lets Go Hawks