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Who's Your John Druce?

A couple quick things before the main meal of this post...

-Tonight or maybe in the morning we'll be posting the fourth edition of Live From The Five Hole, with our very special guest Puck Daddy Greg Wyshynski.

-Don't forget to chime in on our Locator Thread to find others in your area outside Chicago to enjoy our playoff run with.

Anyway, we did this last year, but it's a fun way to kick off our playoff coverage (such as it is). For those who don't know, John Druce was a non-descript winger on the Caps who only scored 20 goals once, but in 1990 came from nowhere to pot 14 goals in 15 playoff games. With so many scorers on this team, it's hard to pinpoint who would be a surprise to score, but we'll try. Last year I went with Andrew Ladd, who had an OT winner and a goal in Game 3 against Scum. But I doubt I can count that as a win. So let's go the poll route

For me, I'm going to cheat and also go a little self-serving here. It's hard to call your 2nd line center your John Druce, but thanks to a nothing-special regular season wracked by injury, I'm going to go with Dave Bolland. He'll have the ultimate fluffer on his right in Patrick Kane, and one would have to assume Toews-Sharp-Hossa will be drawing the opponent's main checkers and top-pairings. Fabulous Weapon still does everything correctly, he's always in the right spot and is good in his own end. He scored some very big goals against Vancouver last year, and was on the ice for more. Quite simply, he has to be. The Hawks can't go that far without being strong down the middle. But now, I ask you, Who's Your John Druce?