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Before It All Goes Down...

The rare sight of a Hawk shooting.
The rare sight of a Hawk shooting.

I'll be back later with the preview, but word out of practice is 51 Phantom is a game time decision.  This is probably some espionage to throw off the Preds.  So were the lines yesterday in practice, possibly.  With both teams being in the city, it's very easy for opposing coaches and players to watch the other team's practice.  It's been known to throw some stuff out in practice that doesn't actually come to fruition in the game.  This is why I expect to see Brouwer with Daydream Nation in the 2nd period at the latest.

As for Campbell, tonight would mark 39 days since his injury, or just under six weeks.  We were told 8-12 at the time, seems like an awfully quick recovery.  But if he's skating and ready to go, the Hawks definitely need him.  But I'm still scarred from the Chris Chelios numbed-nuts catastrophe in '96, so I'll never trust the Hawks medical staff as far as I can throw them.